By: Silindile Mbali Ndlovu
Well what I mean is the new age woman. They will study and talk about this type of woman for years to come. Last weekend I was introduced to a woman who is 28 years old. She is achieving great things in her job, lives alone and she is happy, very astute. As the evening unfolded she spoke about how aspirant she was. I saw myself in her. Even if we come from different homes and different races we are born of the Generation Y, so I have read in the previous years. And this generation honours itself. It only makes sense to me now as I have just turned 26.
Be it positive or negative in how we honour ourselves, we still honour ourselves. What are Generation Y females and where did they come from? Researchers say Generation Y is born in the eighties and nineties. They are not the loyal type (here I beg to differ) and job hop. And as Jena Dover put it in her interview with Thandi Skade of Destiny magazine “There’s a new wave happening among people my age, where family might not be what we want”. Confidence is in being goal driven are but loyal to the self. Loyal to what they find themselves doing until they feel that is not enough then settling is not an option, really. You may think they are selfish but it’s all about knowing what you don’t want in order to go for what you do want.
Hence this generation cannot familiarise with their parents’ one. Our mothers were raising kids and staying in the same jobs, years on. With us we don’t have that at all. For a long time I used to have mom and her friends tell me this is why I’m unemployed and single. I’m restless. Now I know they don’t understand the current young woman. It’s only after sitting down with woman my age and reading about this kind of woman did I realise I’m right where I am meant to be. This just means we have yet again changed the way the game is played. Is that our fault? Not at all, we have established how we want to be remembered and the legacy we will leave. Who knows maybe our children will do something different.


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