By: Elihle Gwala

Winter is officially over! It’s that time of the year when people seem much happier most of the time. Houses get some spring cleaning; we rearrange pretty much the entire house. With that avowed I believe our closets also deserve some rearrangement, shift all your jackets, trench coats, boots and jerseys to the very end of your closet and open some space for new trendy clothes.

Today we’ll look at Ankara prints better known as African prints. I know some of you are thinking these prints have been trending for a bit too long but African prints are now landing to our closets in the most inventive and fun ways. We all know how skeptical African prints can make us because on one side you want to look really good and in time yet you don’t want look like you just confused an ordinary day or event with heritage day.

What’s more exciting with this print is that we are now seeing some of the bold and daring guys trying it out and it’s in no subtle manner. The best way to rock this specific print as a guy is to have it on your pants (I know that seems a bit too bold). Since the print can be very loud you then need to tone it down with subtle colors which can make your pants the focal point of your whole outfit and mostly creating a cohesive look.

No, ladies I haven’t neglected you. With the ladies this print can be very dynamic as you
can find it  right about everywhere from dresses, shorts, skirts and pants & top ensembles.
Obviously we wouldn’t be talking about African prints if we didn’t mention Solange Knowles.
Try out her look on a hot summer’s day, cut off shorts and a printed top can also throw in a snap back and beaded accessories.

A head to toe look with these prints can be a bit disturbing so add in some denim to your look, show some skin and pair it with plain clothing to make it the statement of your outfit.

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