By: Sandy Nene

Last week we reached 100 000 views and it has only been 3 months. We are really happy to see that what we put so much work in everyday is actually being read by all of you guys. For a little treat, we thought it would be really nice for us to a do a giveaway to say thank you for being amazing and please continue supporting our movement.

WIN prizes from:

  • Dermalogica
  • Red Bull
  • Vintage and The City

How To Enter:

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  • Comment below telling us which is your best blog post you’ve read here at We Blog For Love

Competition closes on Monday the 11th of November.


  1. I think “read more, write better” stands out most for best blog posts IMHO

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  2. Wow! Congrats. This is a fun little space on the internet – like our own little forum. I enjoyed the post about not letting brands bully one.

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  3. The best posts for me have to be the Fashion Reviews and the How To guides to Blogging!

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  4. ” Read more, write better ” and SA destinations ” The Boardwalk Precinct” are my faves. Both are insightful and informative. I have taken away some advice from reading more and because I love travel and SA..The boardwalk Precinct has given me insight and inspired me to visit.

    Well done again πŸ™‚

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  5. Yay!! Super Awesum Congratulations!! Everything i read on ur web blog for love ,fashion , music boys in da band , beauty,ect n much much more

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  6. Wow!
    Congratulations!! I’m new to blogging so have enjoyed all your blogging tips and how tos. I also really enjoyed the post about PR firms and bullying.

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  7. How fantastic! Congrats on 100k views! I absolutely LOVE the concept behind #WeBlogForLove.

    My favourite post on your blog so far has been this one:

    Of all the time I spend “blogging” about 90% of that time is spent reading blogs/magazines/novels etc – garnering inspiration and learning from better writers and minds. It is so very important!

    Keep up the good work

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  8. Congratulations
    My fav post was Read more, write better.

    I follow your on twitter and like the facebook page. i’m also subscribed

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  9. ‘So You’re New In The Blogging World?’ – I’m just starting out and revamping my blog again soon… So this was pretty useful to me πŸ™‚

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  10. I’ve followed all the steps.
    I really like all the posts on how to improve a blog and writing but the one that really helped me was “So you’re new in the blogging world?”. It has some useful tips.

    Huge congrats on the milestone, so well deserved πŸ™‚

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  11. My favourite is Read More Write Better …. A Guide to Better Blog Posts
    Have done all the steps

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  12. My favourite blog post is So You’re New in the Blogging World. It helps every now and then to look back at why you’re doing what you do

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  13. Have just subscribed…this site is awesome! Endless amounts of tips and advice for bloggers. I have enjoyed reading ‘Why it is crucial to do a guest post every now and again’. I feel that one of the key elements of successful and rewarding blogging is building relationships. And this article gives some amazing insight on how to do this. Great job guys!!

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  14. My favourite post thus far has been “Top 5 most popular jobs for bloggers! “

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  15. My favourite post has been ‘What has blogging taught you’. I follow a lot of blogs (Great relaxation therapy & some really interesting stuff…along with lots of other things…) & my kids are now doing blogging at school. They are 11 years old so it is interesting to see what blogging can teach you (an adult) converted to what it can teach kids. Also interesting to see the articles on social media as I need to be able to edit & monitor what platforms my kids use until they are older.

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  16. loved The Double Life of
    Fashion Bloggers. Can totally relate

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  17. Done and Done already! I really enjoy All your posts, but for now my fav is “The Double Life of Fashion Bloggers”.
    Congrats in reaching R100k views! Awesome achievement!

    Fingers xx

    Much love
    Rushda xx

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  18. 5 most popular jobs for bloggers was great – it confirmed for me what I had been thinking about how to make money out of my writing. Now I just need to find time to explore those options!

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  19. I enjoyed all the posts that I’ve read today. I’m not a blogger, but now I fully understand the concept of blogging, networking with other bloggers, what job compliments a blogger. Gave me much insight! Especially enjoyed ‘the double life of fashion bloggers’ and ‘read more, write better.’ And of course, the competition page πŸ˜€
    Well done on reaching so many people in a short period of time, I have newfound respect to bloggers! I follow, like and subscribed. Keen to read more!

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  20. Being an IT guy, I am always looking for other opinions and insight into Tech.. Loving “She’s the geek” bringing Tech news to the masses.. Being a woman has no limits these days.. Mad respect!!

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  21. Rather late than never hey. But one of the blog posts I really liked was Social Media or No Social Media. Working in digital, I know a lot of people don’t always understand why we place so much emphasis on social media.

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