By: Nothando Tembe

There is nothing I love more than a respectful blogger, who acknowledges and appreciates his/her readers and followers. This post is to just remind us about how we can keep our readers and all our followers on social networks coming back for more and continue supporting. If you haven’t been doing any of the following, I’m pretty sure you’ll be considering doing them halfway along this post otherwise you will lose (if you haven’t already) your readers.

Your way of commenting on other blogs

I wanted to start with this point, because of how some of you raised your opinions on my previous post. When I write a blog post it’s never really about facts sometimes, but about what I feel I should write about and to express my own personal feelings. When you take the time to comment on someone’s work, make sure you are not rude, you are not commenting to criticise (good criticism is always relevant but know the right ways to correct someone without belittling them) and more especially to put someone down. There is nothing as ugly as someone who does that on a blog post that one put so much work into. If you feel I didn’t do a good job on a post, tell me the best way possible, good or bad feedback by readers is something we should always appreciate and expect.

Reply to comments

These could be comments on your Facebook, Instagram or your blog. A simple thank you to a compliment, or to answer a question someone asked is very important. Also when someone likes, retweets or favourites something of yours, be sure to say thank you. As simple as these two words are, acknowledging someone who loves you and your work really means a lot to them. This will allow your readers and followers to know you better and for them to continue following your work.


Follow blogs of interest

You know how some people leave their blog url’s on your comments section? Well I always check them out, but only if you did ask politely and of course didn’t just leave your link on my blog. If I love a blog, I always make sure to follow and acknowledge the persons work. If you visit someone’s blog and you love it, I think clicking the follow button not only shows appreciation but increases your chance of a new follower as well, so never be afraid to do so.

Doing all of this is quite easy when you are a new blogger or you have been blogging for a few months, who gets a few comments on blog posts and on social media. But if you are already a blogger with thousands of followers and readers, you need to make sure you take time to just thank your readers, this can be done through a blog post or update on your social media or by the competitions you have on your blog.

How many blogs are you following? Have you had any rude comments on your blog? How do you deal with them and how well do you think you know your followers and readers?


  1. I’ve had some crit here and there about a certain post on my blog. Even when there are crits , I still thank the person for THEIR opinion. Depending on the comment, I’ll comment to protect myself.

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  2. So so true, I am new to blogging, and always reply to anyones comment. It is unpleasant when other bloggers do not even acknowledge your comment, as if they are better than that.

    Also, if you could help on the blog directory I have added a comment about my blog to be added, and have asked for an update, and absolutely no reply from anyone. I have the badge, I am subscribed, but no response.


    My blog is http://prettifulblog.blogspot.com/

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    • Hi Azraa,

      Your blog will be added on our directory soon, we have been having problems on the backend of our sites and we did tweet about the problem. Sorry for the delay. Thanks.

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      • Thank you for your reply, I look forward to being part of the directory

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