By: Sandy Nene

When I started blogging I had no clue what the future of blogging had in store for me. I wasn’t exposed to as many blogs and bloggers as I am now, all I knew was I wanted to somehow have an online journal where I could share my thoughts hoping to grow my writing skills and someday become a professional writer. As time went on, I was slowly introduced to other bloggers. I didn’t know there was so much ‘competition’ and that some people will even go as far as to hate each other in this here blogosphere.

Last night I was thinking, from the first day I called myself a ‘blogger’ comparing to now, how I have grown. There’s just so much that I know now and that I am sure if I didn’t start that ‘little blog’ I wouldn’t have known or have had an opportunity to experience. Blogging changed my life and opened many doors for me and I know it will come as a shock to most of you when I tell you that I once landed two radio shows through my blog, I’m sure you’re asking yourself how? Well yes I didn’t study broadcasting but I took time and started a blog. I have an amazing job today through my ‘little blog’ and I have been privileged to do what other professionals do, by professionals I mean magazine editors, journalists, radio presenters and social media influencers.

As a blogger, you choose what you want blogging to teach you. Yes, we all know that some of us are ashamed of our first posts simply because they don’t make much sense but it’s ok to judge yourself – now that you’ve grown is the perfect time to go back to your old work and edit, edit and edit.

I know people who started their food blogs to jot down their recipes, people who started their personal style blogs to capture their everyday looks and some who started their beauty blogs with no beauty background at all – today all those people are doing what blogging has taught them. The food blogger who has judged tons of cooking shows, personal style blogger who’s now a professional fashion buyer for major local and international brands, the beauty blogger who writes for numerous print and online magazines.

I’m leaving this question to all new and old bloggers: What has blogging taught you? How are you using that to make a living?


  1. What a lovely sentiment. I have gone through similar experience blogging and although I may not have landed radio interviews (which is super cool i might add) I’m often invited to movie openings and entertainment events because of my blog. Over the years i have become very comfortable expressing myself through my blog and I’ve learned that every blogger has an audience and that there is room for everybody no matter what you write about. Great blog, lets continue growing the blogosphere here in South Africa.

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    • Thanks so much for reading. I’m glad you relate to this post and that you agree that blogging actually does come with a lot of perks.

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  2. Your comment: “you chose what you want blogging to teach you” is so true…
    I’m learning SO much through the process… And by blogging [and the questions i need to ask myself about my blogs: from branding, to content building, calendars, positioning]… It’s helped me work out who I am – and what I do best 😉

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  3. I am more of a guest blogger and contributor to various blogs and I would say that since I started this, I have found myself to be a lot more knowledgeable in so many things than I was used to. I come across a lot of information passively that when I need answers to certain questions, I would just realize that I had come across it at one time.

    Louis Makubu

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  4. Blogging has taught me that I need to believe in myself a lot more and that I actually have something worth saying.

    Its also taught me a lot about international countries and the different cultures within!

    I feel like blogging lets you make friends/connections with people from all over the world, and I strongly recommend that SA Bloggers venture outside of the SA bloggersphere…

    Through blogging I’ve made friends with people from the US, UK, Philippines, Pakistan, Scotland and other countries!

    Overall, blogging has taught me that its okay to NOT fit the mould and to do what I think is best for me! 🙂

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