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We all know as bloggers that we have different blogging platforms available that we can use and depending on what we are blogging about, we decide what’s best for us.
My blog has been on blogger since the start and although I have been tempted to jump to WordPress I haven’t done so because of the following:
  1. Losing my pageviews and followers
  2.  Wordpress is way too complicated for my liking
So I have decided to just use blogger until I decide otherwise, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. What I have been doing is trying to find ways to make my blog look better, so I found myself coming across a few interesting facts:
  • We all know blogger is user friendly, so this is a good advantage for new bloggers
  • Blogger is owned and run by Google, so this means they take care of a lot of stuff for your blog, especially the plugins
  • Blogger will rarely have any problems, so your blog will always be up and running
  • Unlike WordPress, on blogger you sign up for ads. WordPress will randomly show ads on your blog (When you have a ‘’ blog)
  • Blogger takes care of your blog index, since it’s owned by Google, your blog will appear on search engines far more quickly. 
So I decided to share with you guys links to different sites where you can download these cool themes. I have a few favourite ones but be warned, these themes may be easy to install but editing them can be a little bit complicated. If you know HTML or know of someone who does then you won’t go through any difficulties:
Remember to save your current theme before installing a new one – just in case you don’t like it or it gets too complicated, you can always re-install it again. Since we are all here to help each other and you would like to offer your HTML services or help to us please feel free to do so by submitting a tutorial (contact us via our ‘contact us page’).
Hope you find something you like and you give your blog a fresh new look. Once I have changed mine I will definitely share it with you guys.
Have you moved from Blogger to WordPress? How is it treating you? Have you been convinced to move?


  1. Hi just gotta say you make some interesting points. I both agree and disagree with you. When comes to free blogs like blogs. Blogger is the best. You can customise your blog as much as you want unlike wordpress. Even use custom made themes like in artisteer. In terms of readers, google indexing means nothing and to comment on a blogger blog is annoying. To many hoops to jump through. Google maybe get you traffic but means nothing if nobody engages. WordPress is like a social network on its own where you can find and engage with other readers on the wordpress site. No hoops when comment or following blogs. Still I’ve used both blogger and wordpress they both good in their own way. This is just my point of view and experience from using them both. In the end people can make up their own mind on what to use lol.

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    • Thanks for the lovely reply Vishal & for understanding my point of view. You definitely have more information than I do since you have experience with wordpress and I don’t & as I mentioned we are free to choose where to have our blogs. But again this post wasn’t about comparing or bad mouthing any blogging platforms it was to share themes for blogger users

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  2. This is terrible advice for bloggers. WordPress is a FAR better platform to start or move your blog to. Blogger allows you to export to WordPress, so easy move. WordPress is found in searches when written correctly, Blogger generally doesn’t. Google stops traffic to their own blogging service (blogger) because they know that most of the content on there is crap (12 year olds writing about their day at school). It sounds like you wrote this article with very little knowledge of both platforms. I don’t have time to go into why every point on this article is wrong, but take it from me (8 years professional experience in e-commerce and many online publications), that this girl is misleading you. Nothando, please post a link to your blog here, the proof is always in the pudding.

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  3. Before I knew much about SEO I really didn’t care, but now… I do. I have used Blogger for a very long time and I decided to move to WordPress just to challenge myself. I don’t wanna lie, it has taken me quite some time to get to know it but I believe my moving was worth it. I get annoyed when bloggers FEEL everyone needs to be doing the same thing, if you are happy with Blogger – stay there… If you are SO inlove with WordPress then be IT but don’t look down or feel you are better than those who are using Blogger. It’s their blog after all and who are you to JUDGE other bloggers? No-one is an expert, we are ALL here to learn so let’s not pretend to know it all. This is my opinion. I love this article though.

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  4. Love this post! I’ve been on blogger for 2 years now and it’s simply a breeze. WordPress is nice, but it’s complicated when you have to post things.. It’s a sruggle. But big ups!

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  5. Personally I use blogger. After feeling a bit of pressure from other blogging friends, I exported to WordPress just to see what it’s like. I didn’t like it. Immediately deleted the site & contributed with blogger. I really don’t give a hoot whether or not person A or B says WordPress is better. It’s up to you as an individual to decide what works for you.

    I have my ads (which brands pay me for) on my blog, & I like blogger. What’s wrong with that!? Why can’t you just prefer 1 platform over another?!

    In January 2013 I changed the look of my blog. Perhaps when I make changes in 2014 I will change platforms, that is yet to be decided. Personally I would like to do my research on WordPress before doing so. But if it does happen it will be in my own time.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but we cannot force it upon others.

    Happy blogging friends!

    Brett Robson

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  6. My 2 cents input on the topic:

    1. For new bloggers starting out, and is super…since you don’t pay any hosting fees and still horning your blogging skills. However you don’t own the platform and it has limitations…say tomorrow it goes offline (you’ll be history, all your content gone).

    2. Once you upgrade into building a professional brand a self-hosted blog and a unique domain is the way to go…but now you pay for your own hosting and domain name. Now you’re in total control of the platform, its all yours and you’ve the liberty to add have whatever you want.

    3. With a self hosted blog, you’ll now be using a unique brand ID…no more, but which is short and simple to remember.

    4. With self hosted blogs, you’ve an ocean of themes and plugins to choose from.

    5. You also have liberty to customize the theme (look and feel) to your own desires…just like a rented car, you cannot pimp it because its not yours.

    6. WordPress is generally user friendly and there are loads of tutorial blogs like to teach you the ropes if you encounter a problem.

    7. About SEO, good quality content that benefits the reader is paramount and generally google frowns upon poor quality content.

    WordPress is the BEST blogging platform, daily new improved themes and plugins are released into the market. It has actually graduated beyond just a blogging platform, even ecommerce and SaaS products are now launched using wp.

    For more on wordpress visit:

    Theme Shops: – world leader and south african

    Sorry about my rants…am just a wp fanatic…

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  7. Blogger is the best platform for beginners. It’s better to develop and identity and a rhythm first and if you decide you want to; move to WordPress but only if it’s the right one for you. Some of the highest earning bloggers are still using blogspot like, say, Aimee Song.
    I will disagree in that managing your SEO and meta-tagging is easier in WordPress than in Blogger. You can also customise your templates, plugins and the sort to a much further extent BUT only if you’ve learnt all about HTML coding, etc.

    I also think one of the previous commenters may have missed the point of the article: only move platforms if that’s what you want to do and you’ve decided – not anyone else- that’s what right for your blog.

    Khensani (

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  8. Wow, I like how we get so engaged and defensive when this topic comes up, trust me when you go on the interwebs this same arguement is not resolved. It really doesn’t matter what service you use as long as you are happy with using it and get what you want to get out of it.

    Ok I might have to be a little defensive about WordPress. There is and, I prefer full control because I like to be creative and in charge and I hate too many rules so I self host my own blog (that’s now (much like blogger) sort of dictate what you can or cannot do and it’s limited in so many ways.

    And please WordPress is not complicated that’s just an excuse, there is so much help out there I get help from

    And by the way ever since google bought out Blogger it has improved so much it’s tempting to jump (I have that privacy issue with google) and it’s so user and more mobile friendly than ever before and big things are on the way for blogger and it will be a huge threat to wordpress.

    So in ending there really is no victor here each has it’s own benefits but the real skill lies with the blogger themselves!

    Mr Lunga

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  9. I have just started a blog for my Social media agency and Wow…. I’m a smart cookie but WordPress is NOT easy! Short of me finding someone to take over the design and custom make a theme for me… Very tempted to change….

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    • Custom make a theme will cost you a fortune, rather buy a premium theme and have it tweaked to your specs…that is much cheaper, than creating a theme from scratch.

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  10. To be honest I really hate Blogger and I use WordPress. Not that I have used Blogger and I was interested in what you were saying. It is easy to self host and get WordPress from What I hate about Blogger is that when you try and comment (as a non-Blogger) not only do you have to type out the awful capcha but if you are using IPad you can’t use name/url. There are so many nice plugins for WordPress too. I think it’s pretty easy to use and has a lot of potential.

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  11. I was on Typepad for eight (!) years and I always said don’t move if you’re happy on the platform where you are. But then I got frustrated with the lack of features on Typepad and took a deep breath, paid a lot of money, and got somebody to migrate all my content to a self-hosted WordPress blog. While I agree that WordPress can be daunting to set up on the self-hosted option, it’s no harder than Blogger to post, edit, upload etc. It’s just different at first – like getting a new cell phone. It takes a while to be as comfy with the new phone/platform as you were on the old. I also have a second free site and that’s definitely no harder then Blogger to work with – and I know this because I also contribute to a Blogger blog!

    I guess my advice would be:
    – If you are already on Blogger and are happy there, then stay where you are! Not everybody HAS to be on WP!
    – if you are just starting out, I would give (the free option) a try before you get used to anything else. WordPress is pretty much the gold standard in terms of functionality and widgets – so if you love it, then you can always later upgrade to the self-hosted version so that you can run ads etc. I believe its easier to move from a WP .com to a .org blog than from an entirely different platform.
    – if you are just starting out on whatever platform and don’t want to go self-hosted yet, I WOULD advise you though to buy your own domain name though. That way, if you later move platforms, you can do so without losing Google ranking, visitors etc. That’s what I did (Typepad to WP but retaining my same domain name) – I only lost stats for one day, and then things carried on as per normal and I have my uninterrupted Statcounter figues going back to 2005 or so.

    Happy blogging!

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  12. Hi! To tell the truth I’m really glad that I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Now I have more possibilities to customize my blog and by the way I really don’t know anything about html coding but I’m able to manage my blog easily. To migrate it I used cms2cms tool. At first I was also afraid to lose my visitors but the support team of this service said that I wouldn’t miss anything. So, now I’m a blog owner on WP and I’m really satisfied with it. By the way, this is the link of that tool I hope my post will help someone.

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  13. I have only blogged on WordPress for about four years, and started a blog with absolutely no idea, no guidance and no understanding how a blog should work.

    I messed around and sort of figured it out.

    Using any blog hosting platform is going to have a learning phase, but saying WordPress is difficult will give would-be bloggers the impression it is – when in actual fact it is just a case of working through it and figuring it out – like anything new.

    What makes it user friendly, in my opinion, is that as your skill level improves you can tweak and amend the look and feel of it – even without having to upgrade to the premium version, it is easy to make it look personalised and that it is not straight off a template shell.

    Good luck which ever platform/mechanism/blog hosting channel you decide to use.

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