By: Nothando Tembe

I recently started obsessing over my Tumblr blog and even though it’s something I just do for fun and just to get my fashion fix, I seem to be focussing more on it than my main blog, which is not good, but it’s so addictive. Since I have been using Tumblr more I have learnt a few stuff about it and I would love to just share those with you guys.

Firstly – to people who are not aware of what Tumblr is, Tumblr is a blogging platform that lets you effortlessly share anything. You can post text, photos, quotes, links, music and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, e-mail or wherever you happen to be. Tumblr is really fun especially for fashion lovers and aspiring fashion bloggers, photographers or graphic designers.

If you already are thinking of starting a blog and want to consider using Tumblr, hope these tips can help and if you already on Tumblr, this can help you improve your blog:


Tumblr I believe is the coolest blogging platform when it comes to blogging templates. They have a variety of basic themes that are free and more that you can pay for and you can edit them to be anything you want. What is cooler is that people have taken them to the next step and created more cool themes that are free and really brings your blog to life.


As I said in the beginning I only blog for the fun of it, not to get followers or a lot of pageviews, but after blogging for just 2 weeks my blog was sitting on 100 followers and it was all thanks to hashtags. I don’t need to explain what hashtags are anymore, the way you use them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media you use is the same way you use them on Tumblr. It makes it so easy for people to track just about anything and it allows you to get your blog noticed. So make sure you hashtag/label every picture or anything that you may happen to publish.


Tumblr has made it so easy to follow other blogs that you have interest in and love. When you follow other blogs it makes it easy for you to get awesome content and reblogging to your blog. This  does not only grow your blog but it also gets exposed to other bloggers which might result to gaining followers. So don’t be shy to follow as many blogs and reblogging content that isn’t originally yours.

Linking your Instagram

Tumblr allows you to automatically post your Instagram pictures to your Tumblr account. We all know that we are obsessing over posting lovely pictures on Instagram, so this makes it easy to drive content to your blog. It’s cooler as well if your blog is your personal style blog.

Be consistent

If you would visit my blog you will see I stay consistent with the content I post or reblog, it’s all about fashion and the things I like in relation, so you will not find something out of that criteria. So if you start a blog make sure you know the kind of followers you want to attract and also make sure you stick to your blog’s criteria, know exactly what you are posting and don’t just post everything and anything. This will really confuse your followers and will make you blog seem uninteresting. When you start your blog you can have a tag line that makes it easy for new followers to just know what you blog is all about and what content you are posting (with mine being “I love blogs. I love bloggers. I love blogging. My love of fashion, taste and dreams are found here).

I have come across cool themes that you can easily use and easily install:


You can visit my blog (http://fashionappreciationfan.tumblr.com/) to see what it’s all about and I’m looking to follow interesting local blogs so you can let me know by commenting below if you have a blog I can check out.

Do you have a Tumblr blog? What do you usually share?


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    For someone who is new to blogging I always appreciate tips about blogging, but not when it is not followed by the writer… Disappointing.

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    • Hi Azraa, we did reply and you are not the only one complaining about the directory. All blogs will be updated before the end of this week.


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