By: Khanya Ngxabani

The ‘man bag’ has become a  global phenomenon throughout the world of men’s fashion these days. Only women are known to wear handbags and purses but times have changed and the man bag trend has been evolving constantly for the modern man. Its necessary for men to have ‘man bags’ to store their mobile phones, laptops and gadgets as well as a gym wear. Whilst people say that handbags are feminine for men, you can make them look masculine by pairing your outfit with a leather bag or a holdall – they really add class and style to your outfit. Leather is perfect for professional work environments or a weekend away. It will simply add luxury to your outfit. Keep it simple and traditional with a great soft leather or washed canvas bag. And of course there are many bags you would like to play with. e.g A briefcase, messenger bags, Holdalls, Tote, Hobo bags e.t.c.

Which brands have the best hand bags?

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