By: Khanya Ngxabani

Every season there are trends that influence us with creativity and imagination, however some of the trends aren’t for everyone and if you’re the type that likes being simple yet looking stylish and effortless. Then this trend is for you. If you are one of those people who gravitate more towards a muted colour palette that really doesn’t require a lot of hassle. The Black and White trend known as “The Monochrome” will give you just that. Monochrome has been seen hitting the runways with a stomping sense of chic refinement and simplicity.




Colour is clearly vacant yet this doesn’t deprive this trend of any style. Monochrome gives that edgy feel on to your outfit yet keeping it clean and simple. Just the way I like it, I’m sure that most of you guys would probably agree with me here. This trend is fast becoming that ultimate trend that any man thrives to have in their closet and with mass markets buzzing so much with regards to monochrome. You sure have to have it. Some things just look better in black and white, right? old movies, the text in a good book, Instagram photos, and now, your wardrobe. It may seem very strange that in a season where bright and lively colours are in, I’m still advocating you guys to wear black.

They actually work hand in hand, this season welcomes an attraction of opposite colours, but this trend opts for muted colours: Your blacks, whites and greys. (You know what I mean.) We are not colour blocking! Black and White is one of the simplest, looks to work whatever the year and never fails to gain attention when done well. Bright whites tempered with inky blacks can be used to create a truly bold statement. This trend is ridiculously one of the most versatile trends ever that can be easily translated on to your pre-existing style. We’ve seen significant influences from men who utilise this trend successfully. Kanye West, Karl Lagerfield and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. So there we have it GENTS, Monochrome. This is an easy look to work with and ideal for creating a fairly effortless wardrobe.


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