By: Ayabonga Ngoma


At the end of September I headed over to the annual Pick ‘n Pay Taste of Joburg fair in Montecasino. I’ve been twice before and it’s always been a good event to go to if you like food, drink and people everywhere. I’m not crazy about overcrowded dos, but it helps that they spread out the fair over a few days with different time blocks. I did the day block, and apparently so did everyone else… it was packed. In a good way of course, otherwise I’d be moaning about it right now.


I met up with a few friends and the objection was to eat everything and drink the coolest looking thing. That’s exactly what we did. The currency at TOJ is crowns, and we went through quite a lot of them. First stop was the Beefcakes stall which had the most amaze mini gourmet (said with a hard t) brie and beetroot burgers which we later washed down with jar cocktails from the Thirst stall. I was asked by almost everyone where I got the drink… they were that eyegasmic and just as refreshing and boozy.


More food and more drinks and then some Lindt chocolate for control. My friend Sunni basically squealed when she saw it. I pretended like I didn’t care, but was dying on the inside. If you’ve ever been you’ll know that there are tons of these food and drink stalls and it’s quite a joy to taste everything.


Besides indulging in food, there were cool cooking classes taking place, VIP tents for the lush peeps and my new favourite place; the Wild Bean Café tent. Why was it my favourite spot of the day? Well… It was like 30 degrees out and these guys were serving coffee and doughnuts. COFFEE! All I wanted to do was to sit down and drink my Darling Beer, but they had a strict policy of having to get a coffee and free donut for 3 crowns to be able to chill in their tent. Reluctantly we got the coffee and were shaded from the sun in this glorious red tent. The day turned out to be the best day ever when they pulled out 30 Seconds (I am obsessed with it and play for blood!). So the rest of our day we played the game and walked away with a camp chair and a few stares because we got a bit carried away.

All in all it was a day well spent with good peeps and good walk-and-talk dining. I’m definitely going to do it all again next year and probably take more pictures because I sucked this time round, so much was happening I literally forgot to snap some good pics. Hope the ones here illustrate the good times of that day.



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