By: Sandy Nene

Blogging is growing very fast in South Africa. I only started blogging after high school, seeing high school students starting blogs and showing so much passion in what they do makes me constantly blame myself for being too lazy to do so. I would have had so much to write about that I know if I did now it would make no sense; like about spending time doing assignments, trying too hard to fit in with the ‘cool kids’, being head boy and how lazy I was when it came to sports.

There are many bloggers who are still at varsity or in high school that always ask me if there are any jobs that are related to blogging, in other words – working online. I then thought it would be helpful of me to share with you the little knowledge that I have of jobs you can try and apply/aim for and easily use your blog as your CV.

So you want a job that will not affect you and your blog but rather grow you? 


  • Content Creator

Creating content and bringing fresh ideas for different brands, this requires a lot of research. Your creativity (thinking out of the box) will come in handy.

  • Social Media/Community Manager

You understand everything about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms? Then you’ll love doing this. Handling brands online (their social media accounts).

  • Web Editor

Are you good at spotting grammar and spelling errors? This job entails proofreading, editing and updating web pages and running a brands blog.

  • Junior Designer

You designed your own header and blog template? Then this job is for you, you can use your self taught photoshop and graphic design skills to work with senior designers in finishing deadlines and more.

  • Magazine or Newspaper Reporter

Are you good at reporting? You love interviewing people and write the best event reviews? Well you might as well land that reporting job at your local news paper.

Which of these jobs do you think is perfect for you?


  1. Its also a graphic designer works a lot online these days. Its especially if you freelance. Online is a great tool to sell your work or used as a foundation to market your skills. Graphic designers design graphics for social media pages, web graphics and mobi sites.

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  2. Hi, I would say I the Web Editor editor job, I’v got a qualification in web development and i love the challenges that comes with it so editing and validating that all pages work the way they should is in me. Using CMS’s like WordPress is not a problem but I also love to learn new things like writing for example as am about to launch my own blog but i’d rather write about thing i understands such as development or IT in general.

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  3. I already do all of these roles running my blog and I do it for free because I love it.

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