By: Elihle Gwala

This week we are all about vanity and what more perfect to show one’s vanity than fashion? I believe anyone who has a true fashion forward spirit just knows of the joy of owning an exclusive item, but as we all know fashion at most is a risk if you’re like one us who find no elation in looking like a replica of every other person in the streets. Why I say that? Well each time you coordinate an outfit you always feel obliged to outdo your last attempt to that “Oh so Vogue” look so with this in mind one may just find themselves in the very thin line of going absolutely ridiculous or totes fab darling. In the words of the great Marilyn Monroe “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” So never fear to have a not so high end fashion moment someone out there is wearing crocs.

Now on to our topic for today, well I’ve been seeing this little pretty number on all the fashioning girls in the industry like MTV Base’s very own Nomuzi Mabena. What am I on about you ask? Ladies let’s talk super chic Zara Skort. Still on the blank? This is the latest trending item on the ladies shelves, a skorts- Skirt + Shorts.  I believe this is just one of those many MUST haves for this season.  Skorts are just perfect for those nights out with the girls. And what’s more exciting they also cover one of my favorite trends which is highly structured clothing with their geometric cuts on the front they meet this trend perfectly.

Note: Ladies it is important to have banging legs like a runway model or close if you are to invest on this super chic item. After all it is never lovely to see cellulite or thighs that look like gravel road with dimples that run for days (as I get shivers thinking of that sight). Advise if you don’t entirely feel confident about bearing your legs opt for stockings underneath. To all my fashioning ladies now you know where to shop this summer and what to get.

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