By: Ayabonga Ngoma


OMG! Best time of my life!! I know I say that a lot. But it’s always better to have many best times then none. Go with it. So this is easily one of my favourite concerts this year, and I’m going to Rihanna on Sunday so this says a lot about how awesome it was. The concert was held at the new ‘it’ spot, Mary-Fitzgerald Square in Newtown. I just love how everything is right at my doorstep.

Vodacom in the City got everything right! Before I talk about the great local and international acts, can we just talk about how well put together the event was… Picture this; easy flowing entry (media access baby!), a raincoat in case mother nature decided to piss on the parade, a 360 bar that only got congested during idle time, tons of porta loos to relieve the beer side-effects, free Wi-Fi everywhere courtesy of Vodacom, yummy concert-esque food stalls and photo moments captured and sent straight to your phone. It was bananas how great everything was planned out, it just added to the amazing vibe. Whew! Writing about that just brought me right back to last Friday!

Now for the bands… The bands!! Exceptional! Kudos to Vodacom and the organisers for getting such a massive calibre of artists on the stage. I personally only knew of Skunk Anansie, but the line-up was the HEAT! I can’t even say I didn’t like any of the performances; they were all different and brought their own flair to the stage. I missed the Cape Town based band Al Bairre, but could hear them from my apartment… we like! When I got there, local DJ Lil Bow (don’t get confused by the name, it’s a girl and she’s fierce!) was playing the sickest hip-hop/dance tunes that got everyone dancing wherever they were. She definitely got the party started for me. I hope she blows up in the DJ scene if she hasn’t already.


Next was Alt-J, who have a new fan in me, performed mellow alternative indie from their critically acclaimed debut album. So good! Then came the crazy and electric Swedish rock band, The Hives! These guys are nuts and the crowd was loving what they were serving. The last and officially the best of the night was what I was most excited for (zero bias), Skunk Anansie. They shut it down! I saw Skin, the lead singer extraordinaire, from the bar in her gold shimmering sequence and dashed to the front of the crowds. Their set was epic and left everyone very satisfied.

Most people left after the bands but there was one more gem still to rock the crowd, and that was Boys Noize. He’s a German super DJ who plays the most amazing electronica and techno-house. I’m not the biggest fan of that genre, but what he played was on some other level (no I was not on any substances).

Great night. Great company. Great bands. Just an all-round great 10 thumbs up! The morning after was a biatch, but it was all worth it for once. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s serving of VITC!


  1. Amazing! Felt like I was there! #BloggerExtraordinaire

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