By: Sandy Nene


Image source: careergirlnetwork.com

It’s the end of the week, time to sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend ahead. Hope everyone has had a successful, productive week. Thank you to everyone who has tweeted us their blog links and shared their posts with us. We have come across some interesting posts, and here are some of them that made our list:

1) On The Fabulosity Diary, we read about the versatile fashion piece that is the baseball jacket, in All Girly In A Baseball Jacket

2) Amina at Oh Just One More, shares how fun it can be to attend a blog sale

3) Trend spotting on Saara’s blog, Navy Is The New Black

4) There is an awesome Zando Blogger Breakfast review on RuBe’s Closet.

5) Naeemah lets us know how we can all get addicted to Lush products at The Jam Jar

6) On New Hipster, we see how we can get inspired head-to-toe this summer.

7) Competition time at My Eye On The World.

8) We love the hilarious Why I Don’t Bake story on Of Mind.

9) The Fashion Department shares her outfit of the day

10) It’s all about celebrity entertainment on Obscene.

Here’s what you might have missed from us:

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget if you want to be featured in our weekly round up, tweet and comment your latest blog posts, and you may see yourself here.

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