By: Sandy Nene

I’m one of those people who have always been guilty of spending more time on social media than I did on my blogs, yes you read right ‘blogs’. Anyways, this is not about me telling you how many blogs I own, it’s about me helping some of you who spend too much time on social media and you end up neglecting your blog. I know how addictive Twitter is and how you just want to spend a day drooling on some really cute pictures on Pinterest and repin everything – but if you really want to take your blog more seriously and want to grow, you need to start thinking otherwise.

Blogging isn’t all fun and as easy as it seems, I always ask new bloggers if blogging is really what they want to do because, honestly – bloggers work really hard and if you’re not going to work hard and dedicate a lot of time to it, you are not going to go anywhere. Successful bloggers understand the importance of social media but they also understand that readers always sense when you’re blogging just for the sake of ‘blogging’.

Update your blog

There’s always something that needs to be updated on your blog, be it your gallery page, your bio or your rate card. Maybe you are not happy with your current theme or you want to add something interesting on your sidebar, use this time to get all crazy and creative with your blog and remember to always ask for other bloggers opinions.


I’ve only started using scheduling tools a few months ago and I must say, it is a really cool way to organise content for your blog and also for your readers to know what to expect and when. You can schedule your posts to go live at certain times and dates. This helps, for example if you have a cool idea for a Christmas post – start drafting it now and schedule it just a few days before Christmas. You can also schedule fun stuff like your weekend playlist, Sunday motivation etc.

The future of your blog

It’s never late to plan the future of your blog, seeing that the year is coming to an end – you can start planning a few changes (if you see a need) for your blog, the goals you have and the brands you’d love to work with. Jot down a list of things that you are proud of achieving through your blog and write down a list of challenges you’ve faced this year on your blog that you wish to overcome in the coming year.

When was the last time you updated your blog? Has this helped you to grow your blog? How many hours a day do you spend on social media?


  1. HI there, thanks for you post. It sounds so simple and yet it is something that one thends to neglect.

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  2. Great Read. I am guilty of neglecting my blogging schedule sometimes. I blog weekly but sometimes, I get a weird case of writer’s block and that week just falls away. But, Sandy can you overblog? as in, blog three posts in one week to make up for last week’s “lazy” phase?

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    • Hey Nokubonga, that’s a very good question. Blog whenever you want and it’s good that you don’t blog when you don’t feel like it cause you’ll end up sending out the wrong message and lose your readers. If you feel like blogging everyday, do that – if you feel like blogging once or three times a week after a week of no posts, that’s your decision to make.

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      • Interesting comments!

        I’m new to blogging & this post certainly puts things into perspective

        Sandy I think you need to have a workshop for the newbs like me as I’m on wordpress however navigating my way through it, is not as easy as I thought 🙂

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        • Allow me to agree with Ms Nadia. I also give in positively to the idea of organizing a workshop for newbies like us.

          And also to appreciate the answer to my question, “Can you over blog?”

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