By: Nothando Tembe

Bloggers run competitions on their blogs as a way to say thank you to their readers and followers, but we cannot ignore the fact that you also benefit by gaining new readers and followers and also increase your traffic. So I think we need to see how we can successfully make our readers happy, as well as get the best results for our blogs.


  • Your main goal

When you plan a giveaway on your blog, you need to think about why you are doing it. This could be to build awareness for your new blog, the new social media platform you just joined, blog subscribers or to increase page views. This will make it easier for you to plan out your competition and to decide on techniques you will be using for the competition.

  • The prize

If you are a fashion blogger, you have tons of options to choose from when it comes to doing a giveaway, because generally you are not limited to anything. You must know your readers and you must know what they love, the prize that you giveaway must be in-line with what you blog about, otherwise your readers will not enter your competition.

  • Entry method

The simplest method to use when running a competition, is to post the rules on your blog and to tell your readers if they should follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page or to leave a comment on the comments section. This is a great option and can be easy to track after a large number of entries.

Another option I have come across and have seen bloggers use, is Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter makes it easy for you to run a competition online – it’s very easy and quick. It allows your readers to enter through your social networks and to leave comments easier directly from your blog.

  • Duration

When you announce your competition and you give out the entry method and the rules, make sure you mention when the competition starts and when it ends. Your time period must be determined on how small or big the prize is. Remember not to make it too long, we know how people are so impatient and lose interest easily.

  • The winner

One of your competition rules should mention how you will choose your winner. Some competitions want readers to just add their email addresses, which means the winner will be chosen randomly and some want them to motivate why they deserve to win and the best motivation wins. Make sure you choose the winner carefully and honestly. People get really sensitive when it comes to competitions and you don’t want to end up being attacked by people who think you were unfair in choosing the winner.

Your competition’s success will be based on whether the goals you set were reached. Hopefully these tips will help you on the next competition you have planned for your blog.

How long do you usually run your competitions ? 



  1. The most rewarding part is building up the trust in the competition in-case you would have to run another competition. You can do this by getting the winners to come to a specific location to pick it up in which case you can take some photographs and upload for others to see or you can get them to write an acknowledgement which you will publish on your blog. If you do this, expect a doubling of the number of competitors next time. It just works like magic!!

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