By: Nokubonga Thusi

What about the bloggers? Does the industry recognise the importance of fashion bloggers and their appeal?  For most people, fashion bloggers are seen as aspirant celebrities playing dress up who are obsessed with taking selfies.  Although there is a minute truth to this, the fashion blogger serves a much greater purpose in the industry as a whole.

Fashion bloggers are the public working in the industry as both consumer and producer. They buy all the known brands and are always in search of new ones to share with their communities.  And yes, bloggers have a lot of these communities.  Because fashion bloggers can be students, tweens, mothers, the working woman or even living in a pocket of Phuket; they have a broader reach, making them walking, talking, opinionated billboards for style and brands.  So you are a fashion blogger without a thousand odd followers or a PR company contract, how are you applicable to the industry?

Regardless of the amount of followers or brand recognition you have, being a blogger means you have a foot in the social media world.  Every look post, every product or event review has a positive or negative influence on your audience’s perception and choice whether or not to support your opinion.  Personally, I have fashion bloggers that I religiously follow and read their blogs.  I respect their style and work so it comes as no surprise that if my favourite fashion blogger is a fan of Topshop or Inglot Cosmetics, I may consider trying those products or recreating style ideas.  Fashion magazines, celebrities and media heavyweights also have this same influence and in all fairness, bloggers turn to them for inspiration but it is the quaint appeal of the average jane being creative with fashion that makes fashion so natural, even removing the superficiality of it.

There is no doubt that fashion bloggers are playing a pivotal part in the industry in terms of brand awareness, product marketing and getting more and more people to enjoy fashion as a daily fix of artistic expression.  Bloggers are not ‘aspiring mini-lebrities’ addicted to selfies and shopping but modern day entrepreneurs who know how to captivated audiences, market themselves as a brand and drive all this with the fuel of passion.  So Industry, what about the fashion bloggers?

Which fashion bloggers inspire you or do you religiously follow? Are you more likely to buy a product reviewed by a fashion blogger or your favourite celebrity/model? Why?

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The artistic expression of a fashion enthusiast. Hotelier and Blogger for Londam-Holland fashion lifestyle blog.




  1. Why is it only and always about Fashion Bloggers, what about the other genres? Why aren’t we getting any support or have we missed the memo? Does this mean you’re only relevant in the blogosphere if you join the overly saturated market of fashion blogging (in SA)?

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    • Hey Samkelwe, I don’t think Nokubonga is leaving other bloggers or whatsoever. She’s a fashion blogger and she relates more to topics that are fashion blogging related.

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    • Thank you! I was going to say the same thing, blogging isnt just for Fashion Bloggers. I run an alternative lifestyle blog that I work sometimes 12 hours a day on, I put my heart and soul into it and do the job of 10 people. I am a South African that has been blogging in the UK for many years so I am not sure how PR agencies are treating SA bloggers yet, but in the UK, bloggers are big business if they have a professionally run site and a huge following. If my favourite blogger talks about or wears something I also love, I am highly likely to buy the item or attend the event or go and eat at that restaurant. Brands need to get on board with bloggers. Blogging is not just for people with too much to say, blogs can be digital magazines if done right. I know bloggers who earn six figure incomes or even just 5 figure incomes from blogging because they are so popular. Just look at or or (all lifestyle blogs), all of them with HUGE followings and a very comfortable income.

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  2. I totally understand. Perhaps the title was misleading and I wanted to feel included. Lol.

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  3. Hi Samkelwe 🙂 Sandy is right. I generally write from my experiences and thoughts which generally stem from a fashion point of view. I do get how this could come off as bias, however all bloggers face the same struggle and can relate to this. What is your blog about?

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