By: Nothando Tembe

I read an interesting article on Independent Fashion Bloggers, which inspired me to write this post. Being a blogger who lives in Durban, I think I can really relate to what it means when you ask yourself, “Would blogging in another city, with all the opportunities that are found there make my blog better than what it is today?”

When you compare South Africa to other countries when it comes to blogging, I do believe we are quite behind, but truth be told, we have amazing bloggers, especially fashion bloggers. I love Durban, I grew up here and till this day I don’t see myself living anywhere else. Our city is loved for many things but we are still behind when it comes to certain departments such as Public Relations and media/blogging.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, Durban has amazing blogs and bloggers, who are doing great work like for  Sandy who started this blogging community and Brett’ Robson who is rated as one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the country.

Blogging is really not about all the events you get invited to or about the brands you get to work with, blogging is about using what you have to the best of your ability and producing work that will be loved at home before the rest of the country appreciates it.

One of the things that I have heard from someone in the Public Relations industry is that there is too much competition in Johannesburg. Bloggers fight to be invited to the same events and being part of certain campaigns and probably end up hating each other, something that easily happens in the blogging community. Now would you want to be a part of such an environment, I know I don’t.

Yes, Joburg and Cape Town has most bloggers and most ‘cool’ events happen in these cities, but that doesn’t mean you can not be successful if you do not live there. We miss out on a lot of opportunities here in Durban, we can’t always be part of certain events or experience working with certain brands because they don’t happen here – But if you work hard and put in the work, your results will show and you will find yourself collaborating with brands from all those big cities.

Who knows, where you are today with your blog is probably far better than where you would be if you resided elsewhere. If you happen to move to another city, you need to know how to adapt, making new blogging friends and making the most of the opportunities.

Do you live in a small city or town? Have you ever found yourself wanting to move to bigger cities because you feel you are missing out?


  1. As a blogger residing in a small town Pietermaritzburg, I sometimes wish I lived in a bigger city. So I’d get affiliated with brands etc. But blogging is my passion, so even If I’m not at the latest party/launch I’d still do it. Loved this post xx

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    • Thanks foe commenting Shaheeda. We all get jealous of all the amazing events we don’t get to be a part of & I’m glad you have not allowed that to discourage u. Carry on blogging & maybe one day your work will be recognised

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  2. I blog in Port Elizabeth and am actually moving to a bigger city because I feel like I’m missing out. Sure, as a fashion blogger, a smaller city does not stop my look posts, beauty reviews or trend reports. But in terms of events, I am behind.
    For me, I think bloggers need to be in places that inspire them and our surroundings play a huge role there. There is a huge advantage in being in a somewhat isolated city as your blog becomes unique and it forces you to blog alil further than your nose.
    love this post, Nothando!!

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    • Thanks for the lovely comment Nokubonga and I’m glad you have learnt to use your resources well. When you do move be ready for the challenge because that will mean competing with the already known & respected bloggers from that city u moving to. Make sure you adapt and make everything work & don’t get side tracked. Sometimes blogging is not about the events

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  3. I feel like, that you do not need to live in JHB or CPT to be a better blogger, BUT living in those areas definitely can help you grow your blogging network and sphere – thus making you an even better blogger! Its a two way street…

    I live in a small town and its out of the way of all the major cities (Joburg, Cape Town, Durban etc) and its kind of hard to get my blog out there – so I just opt to connect with international (UK & USA) bloggers because that’s the easiest way to grow my blog and see what people are interested in reading…

    If it was up to me – I would move in a heart beat.. However, I’m stuck where I am and networking is all that I can do…


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    • Amanda you need to try and find other bloggers in your area u can connect with and if you can u can always build relationships that can be beneficial to your blog via social networks or even on this platform. Also try and get in contact with the small brands from your area I’m sure you can work with them.

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  4. loved this post. One of the very FIRST South African bloggers to ever start blogging – many, many years ago, was actually a Durbanite! We’re a strong bunch, us. But we’re better than the crowds 🙂 xxx

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  5. I personally don’t think that living in CT, JHB or DBN would make me a better blogger but what I do think it would make me better at is networking and getting my blog known. I think it would be awesome to have a group of blogging friends that meet up every now and then to discuss the blogosphere. I also think the Big cities offer more courses and opportunities for learning.
    However in saying that there are several bloggers in the Midlands and it’s just about making the effort and organising your own events and learning from those around you! Thanks for a great article x

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  6. I agree with this, Durban has so much of untapped love and creativity that there’s plenty enough to go around and we don’t mind sharing.

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  7. when I started blogging one of my main concerns was not being in the big city with cool events and brands to blog about but 6 months into it I actually think being in the relatively small town of Witbank in Mpumalanga can be an advantage because I can build a network much faster and fashion bloggers,stylists and designers are very few so everyone knows everyone. There’s no competition or pressure here and I feel I have enough time and space to master my blogging skill. Personally I sometimes feel bloggers and people n general from the big cities are pretty much all the same because most of them are competing, trying to do the exact same things.

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