By: Nokubonga Thusi

The world of fashion blogging seems a glamorous one; attending the best events, meeting with PR companies and receiving sponsored clothing from the best brands.  I am pretty sure that while most bloggers have legitimately entered the blogosphere to satisfy a greater passion for fashion, we cannot deny that we have been sold by the typical jet setting blogger life.

Only a few bloggers eventually gain the status where blogging can become a lucrative means of making a living but most fashion bloggers lead double lives through drive and passion.

I am a fashion blogger and consider myself a fairly green one.  As I learn more about the blogging world and how to make my blog better, I can truly see myself doing this for my entire life.  But, on the other hand, I am also an hotelier by profession. Yes, a complete 360 on the fashion spectrum but this is the income that feeds my fashion blogging.  Trying to find a balance between the two is really tricky as I work hours on end, almost 6 days a week.    It is not always possible to attend the best fashion events or even to shop for the clothing items of the season to create the best look posts.  During the free pockets of the day is where updates on the blog are made, quick look posts are styled and social media platforms are managed before bed or work mornings.

During a blogger event a few months ago, I was surprised to discover that most of the bloggers there were literally “bloggers by night”.  The room was filled with media professionals, mathematics majors, full time students, entrepreneurs and even race car drivers with a common thread running through the room of fashion blogging.  It made everyone suddenly so accessible and the pressure to know all there is to know about fashion disappeared. There was so much more  to learn and share with one another.    Bloggers like Aimee Song are a classic example of a double life blogger.  Her first passion and dream job is to ‘create beautiful spaces for people to live”.  An interior designer by profession and a fashion blogger secondary, she initially set out to create a blog to showcase her love for interior design and architecture.  After posting some OOTD posts, her fan base grew tremendously, altering her design blog into a fashion blog.  Before her status as a “super blogger”, she was a full time student, practicing interior design and blogging on the side.

Double Life Bloggers.  This is not to say that bloggers who only blog full time have it easy, as I am sure their blogosphere only gets more and more demanding.  But those fashion bloggers without all the required resources, allocated time or big media pull yet but still produce outstanding posts weekly, are to be commended.

How do you balance your blogging with your day to day life?  

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The artistic expression of a fashion enthusiast. Hotelier and Blogger for Londam-Holland fashion lifestyle blog.




  1. This article is very interesting, I am also one of those bloggers who can’t blog as often as they wish but with the help and making use of the scheduling tools. I’ve been coping very well.

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  2. I guess making every minute of the day like almost literally. I get to prioritize for each given day.

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  3. I’m a food rather than a fashion blogger, but also juggle a full-time 9-5 job at a law firm with a hugely demanding blog and all its related social media channels. I sleep a lot less than I did ten years ago, and I watch almost no TV. The latter is an improvement, the former not so much 😉

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  4. Wow, Jeanne. I thought I had it rough. That’s an intense schedule. Its really difficult sometimes but it what we love to do so we make it work. 🙂

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    • LOL – you get used to it 🙂 But you are so right – the only thing that will sustain you blogging over the long term is the sheer love of it. There’s no better reason to blog!

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  5. For me being an insomniac has somewhat helped “balance” my day to day activities and blogging. I find that I’m able to think & express myself better while the rest of the world is asleep, it’s peaceful & almost therapeutic

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  6. Another good tip is to backlog your posts. When you have time, do like 5lookposts shoots. And release them week by week. Articles can be done like that as well.

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  7. Very interesting I must say lol, I’m looking to expand my blog into fashion by next year because I feel that as a model and a blogger theres a lot to do and blog about in terms of fashion, now my only challenge is how do I start, I have a clear view and understanding of the ideas I want to talk about in relation to fashion yet I dont know exactly where to start. So to all the fashion bloggers out here I’m asking for assistance, if you have good tips please feel free to throw them this way.

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  8. Hi King, I think that is fantastic that you are wanting to expand your blog into fashion. Being a model already, I am sure that this can give you a different point of view of the industry.
    I would say, to start off, have a plan. Having the ideas is good but also ask “what is it that I want people to share, be inspired by, what inspires me?” Blog about what YOU love about fashion because that’s what makes bloggers interesting and have the different readers they have. I like to brainstorm my content, decide what to post per week eg: lookpost and trend then next week street style and photography etc. It keeps you focused and stops you getting overwhelmed by your ideas or what is in the blogosphere. Whatever you do, be original! Try not to reblog others content, be inspired by it 🙂

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