By: Maude Ndhlovu


We have become so driven and defined by trends. What we do for a living. The cars we drive. The clothes we wear. The quality of our weaves. Circles we are associated with. The list goes on.


From everybody being instant yellow bone models on Instagram to being consumed by digital fruits – Apple, Android and BlackBerry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your status in check with the trends.


Do you ever stop and ask yourself; behind the trends – Who am I? Surely you were designed for a greater purpose than material things and trends. You were created and designated unto this earth so you can breathe your unique royal dust that will touch people and leave this place re-engineered to scream YOU were here. You are constantly analyzed, branded and stuffed in box. Aren’t you suffocating yet? You need to realize that in the eyes of the most high; you are beyond demographics and statistics.

Let’s put job titles and hobbies aside – there’s got to be something you enjoy doing that brings tranquillity in your spirit. Doing 8 to 5, freelancing or simply being an entrepreneur may hinder finding and living one’s purpose. After all we do live in a forever busy, buzzing environment.

Often we can’t afford to be technology free and secluded from the city – embracing a life on a farm. Appreciating fresh milk from a cow. Getting lost in long walks to anywhere. Nature untouched scenery. Clean sound and air. Chasing a chicken for your candle lit (not by choice) dinner. Sitting around a camp fire. Hugging a tree. Writing or reading a memoir.

What you say, do or even write may touch people in many different ways. If you haven’t found your talent and purpose maybe you should start a trend to find YOU. Sadness is dying with your purpose and dreams undone.

Do you see yourself surviving without trends?

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