By: Sandy Nene

I often get asked by fellow bloggers ‘is it ok to go a week or two without writing any blog posts on my blog?’ – well, it’s your blog after all. You can do or say whatever you want. You should be the first one who’s happy with whatever it is that you decide to do on your blog. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t write a blog post if you don’t feel like it:

You need a break

Is it time to take a holiday away from your blog? It’s ok to do so, if you feel your blog needs a new meaning to it or you want to extend the stuff you write about – from being a beauty blogger to a lifestyle blogger. Take that holiday and spend time working on the type of content that you think will boost your readership and open many other doors for you as a blogger. Remember to always update your readers when you’re planning on taking that four week holiday trying to find a different or extended meaning for your blog.

Losing your readers

It may take us a while to actually realise how well our readers know us, our readers are very important to us and losing them is a nightmare we all don’t wish for. But reality is, if they aren’t enjoying what we write about anymore – that nightmare of losing them will come to life. Readers sense when you are just blogging for the sake of keeping your blog active, you are not being yourself anymore, you are not happy, you often complain about the most useless stuff and you are not the person they thought you were when they visited your blog for the first time.

Making no sense

Every other blog post has to have a meaning, writing just for the sake of trying not to disappoint your readers can be your biggest mistake. When you don’t feel like writing a blog post on a certain day but still push yourself, you will lose yourself somewhere in the introduction because your mindset is not where it should be.

Have you ever taken a break from blogging? 


  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time, I had been absent from my blog for about three weeks (I was getting use to posting every week) and you are absolutely right you shouldn’t just post for the sake of posting the reason why I hadn’t posted anything is because I was uninspired to blog.

    A break is good it helps gather your thoughts and helps you plan better yes at times you do feel you have to be current and on trend.

    Thanks for yet another great post

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