By: Silindile Mbali Ndlovu

I was watching TV a few days ago and a commercial came on (as they do). This exquisite black woman appears on my screen. “Who Is That? And why is she so exquisite?” I screamed to myself. Surely she is between the ages 25-35. What is she meant to be selling? The commercial ended and it was an anti-aging cream from one of the most renowned cosmetic houses.

Do I even know the first thing about what I should be doing with my skin? No! I was quiet sure that the lady was young but after seeing the faulty spots and marks on my chocolate brown silky soft skin I needed to know. Have I reached my Anti aging skin years? If yes, when exactly should I start and what should I be using? Most importantly how much will this routine now cost me? Off to my Facebook account I went to enquire, “When does one start using anti aging cream?”

I don’t think the greater population even knows the answer to this question. So I had various answers like, black don’t crack. Another said 25. I held my breath because I am 26 going on 27 have I missed a very important implementation of facial care here. Another said 35. Others said prevention is better than a cure. So off to the twitter streets I went to twoggle this. I included the beauty editor of Elle Magazine Lynette Botha (@Ms_LynetteB) in my twitter question. She confirmed that 25 is when a woman should begin “the sooner, the better”.

I had another friend inbox me on facebook saying even vaginal cream as a night mask uplifts the skin “if it works for your female parts then how much more your face”. Regardless of all these interesting answers I had officially received a solid answer.

Ladies as much as the big brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome exist –  remember that there are also reasonable brands out there such as Ponds, that are still deemed as trustworthy. Also Water and steaming were suggestions. I can’t insist on steaming but I can say I have went through the water route for now at least, and I have a generous supply of it at home, on tap.

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