By: Samantha Wright

How much is too much?

When I get into the office in the morning I trawl through social media feeds. For entertainment and to catch up with my mates but also because it forms a small part of my job. While sipping on my first cup of tea I become the sighing eye roller. The sighs start when I read the subtweets, the eyes roll when I hit Facebook. I have one person on my feed that breaks up and gets back together with his partner weekly. Last week he was being physically abused and having items stolen from his house by said partner while this week they enjoyed the Jozi sun and fired up the ol’ braai. I know this stuff because he keeps posting it on his status updates. My eye muscles are now at level super human from the rolling & for the sake of my sanity: I muted the guy.

The real question is – how much is too much when it comes to blogging?

Blogs are inherently about sharing information. My favourite blogs to read are personal ones. They’re the ones where good writers share their thoughts, their feelings and their views. They share a little bit of themselves and their own personal experiences. I love those blogs.

However, on the other side of the fence is a group that promotes professionalism, keeping private things private and never exposing much more than a small smudge of their personality. They’re also the group of blogs you and I don’t read… because they’re boring.

In her new book Dot Complicated, the original “marketing guru” of Facebook Randi Zuckerberg comments on how much is too much when it comes to social media. Zuckerberg (yes, she’s Mark’s sister) spends an entire chapter sharing her thoughts but it really comes down to two words: “Be Authentic”.

There are a few things you should avoid sharing online. Try keeping things like your contact number, place of work, where you live or travelling itinerary off your blog. Pictures of where you live or work that include identifiable landmarks or information should also not be in the draft when you click the publish button.

I have a quirky personal blog that is a smorgasbord of lifestyle, personal & humour. Some of my posts are what you’d call “risqué” (for want of a better word). Before I publish anything I always ask myself – would I be embarrassed if my granddad read this? If the answer is yes, don’t post it.

If your blog post has a point & to get to it you need to share a few personal anecdotes or events then do it. Your readers are going to find it easier to relate. While the ever changing relationship status drives us mad on Facebook, if your blog focuses on the difficulties of dating or is a “mommy blog” you need to be honest and “be you”, even if you risk sharing too much of yourself.  Henry James once said “We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.” If you’re not putting your heart into your writing and attempting to share and relate with people, what is the point?

About The Author

During the day Sam Wright works for The Words Agency managing the marketing portfolio of an engineering firm but at night she is a blogger over at Thatplaceinmyhead and wannabe superhero. Despite two degrees (Journalism & Communication Science) she still secretly hopes that the X gene will make itself prevelant in her DNA at some point so she can quit her day job & join Magneto in world domination. When she is not messing with some sort of tech orientated device or binge watching series, she attempts to get horses to jump over brightly coloured poles.

Twitter: @IAmSamW

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