By: Sandy Nene

Blogging isn’t easy, no it’s really not. But when you do it for love, you CAN make it look really easy. Last night Brett Robson and I were chatting about this, I was telling her how she always motivates me all the time I think of giving up – because honestly, we all go through that.

Both Brett and I have full time jobs, so the little free time we get is mostly spent on our blogs. With that being said, every other blogger or anyone who isn’t a blogger does go through rough times every now and again. Giving up is NEVER an option so I thought I should share these quotes that get me motivated. They are not blogging quotes but they relate to whatever I feel at that time, I hope you guys relate to them as well – they really help.




Do you tell your blog how much you love it? You should start doing so. Yes, this might sound ridiculous but try it. Tell yourself how much you love your blog every time you’re about to publish a new blog post. Remember, you need to LOVE your blog first in order for the next person to.


Nothing beats being YOU and only you. We all grew up being inspired by some people, but we need to be careful that – that little inspiration doesn’t go overboard.


When you first started your blog you were told you will give up within a few months? Now it’s been a year, you proved that what some people may assume as ‘impossible’ can be possible. Then why think otherwise? You can and will be what you want to be.

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