By: Sandy Nene

In South Africa not every brand is willing to include bloggers in their campaigns. It’s only those who understand how powerful and influential bloggers are that will always try and build a strong relationship with them.

Last year I wrote a blog post about bloggers being bullied by brands but today I would love to clarify that not every brand will take advantage of you and your audience. There are those who will always be happy to work with you in their campaigns, and both you and the brand benefit, in the end.

I would love to take this moment to thank these brands for their appreciation and respect towards bloggers. They may not realise how much they contribute, but it’s thanks to their continued support that we’re able to keep working hard on our blogs everyday.

In no particular order:

I myself have experienced working with some of these brands and have seen fellow bloggers working with them too.

Have you worked with any brand? How was the whole experience? Will you be happy to work with them again? Are there brands that I did not mention above that you enjoyed working with? Comment below 🙂


    • Hi there, keep working hard on your blog – blog every week and wait at least for a year for you to grow before approaching brands.

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  1. I have only worked with The Victorian Garden and they’re wonderful. It was very unexpected.

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  2. Both Yuppiechef and NoMU have been stalwart supporters of South African food blogging by tirelessly supporting the South African Food Blogger Indaba since its inception – they definitely deserve an honourable mention. Grootbos resort near Gansbaai is also fantastic in the way they work with bloggers, creating ongoing relationships.

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