By: Sandy Nene

  • What inspired the name of your blog?

Before I became DearSolo, the blog names I had steered towards in the past always seemed limiting to me. I feel as though I can’t be put into the box of a fashion blogger, or a music blogger, or a photo-blog, or a written work blog, so I wanted to choose something that didn’t denote what my blog had to be about. The suffix to my name is ‘sola’, so I derived it a little to ‘solo’ because I loved the ring of it (and I’m always single – ha!) The ‘dear’ allowed me to make my blog a sort of online-visual diary, so instead of Dear Diary, it’s Dear Solo.

  • How long have you been blogging for?

Although DearSolo’s only been around since June 2012, I’ve actually been in the blogging game since 2009 (on a macro scale as well). I have had my fair share or Blogspot and Tumblr attempts since I was barely 13 years old!

  • What difficulties did you come across when you first started blogging?

The most difficult thing for me was to find my own voice; who I was and what I wanted to blog/write about despite what the well-renowned bloggers might be posting. Coming up with original content was always a bit challenging because every time I’d want to post something, I’d visit a blog I loved and boom! It was already there. I still have that trouble today.

  • What do you think new bloggers need to know about blogging that most people don’t?

Blogging is not easy, especially when you come from a platform like Tumblr and try to move into Blogspot or WordPress. You have to think more, plan what you want your blog to be like and constantly come up with original content/outfits, instead of merely reblogging from other sources. Blogging takes a lot of time and dedication.

  • What would you say has been a highlight of your blogging career thus far?

My blog is still in its infancy so to speak, but definitely reaching the 10 000 views mark and having Malibongwe Tyilo follow my blog honestly made almost cry with glee.

  • Who are your favourite bloggers?

There’s a long list: 

  • Which is the most read blog post on your blog and why do you think people like it?

Definitely my post on Zuhair Murad – and I think it’s pretty self explanatory. It was a post on his SS2013 range which was beyond amazing and with which I was completely besotted, so I’m not that surprised that other people loved that range too. It was elegant, opulent, and pretty much magical.

  • What else do you do besides blogging?

Well, I am currently in matric so that about sums it up, but I do enjoy listening/playing music, reading books, articles and blogs (and I dabble in writing). I do a lot of sports photography/events coverage for my school and I love keeping up with pop culture – microblogging is my favourite pastime. 

  • Where do you see your blog in the next two years?

Hopefully it’ll continue to grow and my content would be better and better. I would like to see it run more professionally so that people and other companies can take my brand more seriously. Maybe then I’ll settle on a template that I actually like, ha!

  • Do you look at your blog as a business, hobby or as a portfolio? 
At this stage in my life, it’s definitely a hobby. But within the next year or so, I intend for it to be more of a business and a brand.

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