By: Regomoditswe Teke

Blogging has connected most of us, it has helped us to voice out, be opinionated about things that we can either change or can not and became a real social phenomenon.
It has became our voice, some just don’t blog for fun. Most people blog to raise their opinions, to inspire and change the world.

Blogging is not easy, it has challenges that can not be easily overcome – sometimes. As a blogger you should always be ready for criticism because you will be criticised most of the time, but its a way of growing and learning.

It builds and makes you a better writer, online professional and helps you get to know yourself a little bit more.

Though some people will criticise you to make themselves feel better, do not entertain them, just keep on keeping on.

Blogging is a really useful and unique platform for aspiring writers to showcase their work and improve their writing skills.

Blogging builds your communication skills, it grows you as an individual and helps you express yourself. Don’t let the society decide for you, if you are good enough or not. You are not too young to conquer the world. If you have not yet started a blog and have always wanted to, it’s never too late to get started.

Keep blogging and remember; just blog for love.



  1. I’m taking part in a blogging challenge and it is challenging me in so many ways: as a creative write (I’m writing a blog story as a serial updating it daily) and I’m sharing what I know, as well as learning so much from other bloggers. Blogging has certainly opened a whole new world to me.

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  2. Lovey thoughts Teke (I forgot the log name and can’t scroll on this damn phone…lol)
    I have only just started blogging…please drop in for a visit when you have time..

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