By: Nothando Tembe

When fellow Blogger Sandy Nene emailed me to tell me I was going on a Safari tour with 1st Zulu Safaris, around Durban with Durban bloggers,  I was so EXCITED. I have never been on anything like this ever and I have always wanted to go see the amazing creations we have in this beautiful world we live in.

When everyone was present and we took our 45 minutes drive to our first destination, we got time to get all excited about our day, get to know each other more as fellow Durban bloggers and got time to chat about everything Durban and blogging. That drive was the one of my highlights of the day because it’s great to be surrounded by intelligent people and get time to just talk about what we are all passionate about.

When we got to the Lion park – Christo, director of 1stZulu Safaris, told us to get our camera’s ready and windows closed, I was both excited and scared. I have never come across a lion before and I was looking forward to see if they are the same as I always see on TV and magazines. As much as Lions are so scary, I think they are amazing and beautiful creatures, I was just not expecting them to be so BIG. Christo said it was going to be a quick session with the Lions since they can be very unwelcoming, but that day they were very well behaved so we got the best time with them.

When we were about to leave we were told it’s our lucky day because the elephants were around and we can go see them. The first thing that popped into my mind was #Selfie with the elephant (LOL) but when I got there I was a bit terrified because these elephants were so friendly, I was actually quite scared, besides – we were not allowed out the car. I made sure to make the best of my experience by touching them just to feel their skin texture, Pam (Gagasi fm radio dj and bsuiness woman who had joined us) had a banana in her bag and I got to feed one. It was such an amazing feeling.

We then headed to Tala Game Reserve where we spent our time driving around spotting Buck, Zebra’s, Rhinos and a whole lot of different animals. The best part was seeing the Zebra and Giraffe up close. These are such beautiful animals, God really did take time when he was creating them.

Our last stop was Phezulu where we spent most of our time, because everyone was just fascinated, including me, with the crocodiles. I’ve seen a crocodile before, but I have never seen anything like what I saw at Phezulu, those crocs where HUGE, like monstrous. We just couldn’t stop asking questions and our guide was such a funny and cool guy, our tour was so enjoyable. We had a chance to see tortoise’s, lizards and all kinds of snakes. We got a chance to hold one of the “friendly” snakes and even though I was scared, I made sure to make the most of my experience, so I made sure to at least hold the tail (LOL).

Thank you so much to 1st Zulu Safari’s for such an amazing day of exploring and bringing us bloggers together. Poor Christo had to deal with so much noise in the car because we were such a loud bunch, but not once did he complain. If you know you want to experience the same thing with your friends or your family you guys must make sure you go through 1st Zulu Safari’s for the best experience.

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