By: Ashleigh Davids

It’s a pity that I cringe when someone asks for my blog URL. I should be proud of my accomplishments and be happy that someone wants to read my work – but instead, I cringe. Have you done that lately?

I’ve been reconstructing the look and feel of my blog and it has been a process. My new objectives haven’t gone live yet, and implementing them is harder than I expected. Is there something you’re working on in your blogosphere that has your mind in a knot?

What do you do in the mean time? This is a question I have been asking. Do I leave a notice saying that I’ll be back soon while I rack my brain about the future of my .com? Do I continue posting in line with my old content stream while I enforce a new way of doing things in my neck of the woods? What have you tried?

It is the end of a new week and I haven’t posted any content. However, I feel a sense of focus when it comes to my aim to blog professionally. I wanted to share a few thoughts with anyone who might need some constructive dialogue about blogging:

Blog For Love

It’s important for me to have strong work ethic and produce high quality blog posts on a regular basis.  I want to be innovative, thought provoking and feasible as a brand and business entity.  Besides being committed to all of the above, like you may be committed to your personal and professional goals for your blog, I want to remember to blog for love. Above all the stress about themes, coding and which kinds of content to kick out and introduce to my audience, I forgot how much I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with others in a way which is useful and enjoyable for them.  Have you forgotten why you started blogging?

Stop Being a People Pleaser & Serve Those Who Enjoy You

Lately I’ve been feeling insecure about my writing. I’m surrounded by incomplete posts because I think my voice is of no concern to anyone. Who wants to hear about that anyway? A time ago I realized that I serve a niche market. There is a very particular group of people who will take interest in the content I create, and that’s okay.  It is impossible for me to please every kind of reader; I simple do not have enough personalities within my fingertips to make this happen.  There’s someone waiting for you to say what you need/want to say, are you going to deprive them because someone who doesn’t care much for your line of work may not appreciate you?

As a blogger who is serious about his/her craft– you are likely to experience challenges.  This is a normal part of what we do. Perhaps you need to chat to another blogger about what is bugging you? Feel free to send me an e-mail at ashleigh@ashleighdavids.com. (Serious requests only)

About the Author:

Ashleigh Davids (22) is a tea-drinking, turquoise loving Capetonian who has relinquished the title and role of a journalist to explore various avenues as a writer.  Formerly the Editor of Live Magazine South Africa and IMBO magazine,  Ashleigh enjoys content creation but opts for a more creative and liberal approach. She finds that blogging is the perfect fit for her expressive nature and includes her faith in her scribbles over at www.ashleighdavids.com.  Ashleigh is available to provide various writing services to individuals and companies who are in need of a reliable source and innovative approach. Ashleigh is also a singer and spoken word artist with an eye on empowering others.

Twitter: @AshleighDavids | Instagram: @ashleigh_davids


  1. Inspiring words for a fledgling blogger

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  2. I also have so much that I want to change on my blog, but I guess it is best to focus on the quality of the content first. That’s what will keep readers coming back anyway.

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