By: Yethu Mtshali

I wouldn’t consider myself technically challenged and that was the reason behind skipping my recent web design class. “WordPress? Pssh! I could handle that with my eyes closed,” I figured. That was until I was faced with the daunting task of creating my own blog…with pages…and widgets…and links!

My best friend knows everything there is to know about web design, film and all kinds of media thingamajigs. After my hinting about requiring her expertise was unsuccessful, I remembered a flyer which I had picked up.! It said something about an online library which teaches software skills. A few nights ago I found a good reason not to attend another web design lecture again (I really hope my lecturer doesn’t read this).

An online what? was co-founded by Lynda Weinman, an American business owner, computer instructor and author. Once you subscribe to the online library you’ll have access to hundreds of training videos and courses on subjects like photography, animation, music, video, web design and even business skills. These courses are taught by various industry experts and will save you from spending all that money and time on short courses offered by private tertiary institutions.


I needed help with WordPress so that’s exactly what I typed into the search box. I was directed to the “WordPress Essential Training” video which offered step-by-step instructions. The video course, taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, is 5 hours long (I know, ain’t nobody got time or data for that!) but I didn’t have to watch the whole thing. It’s clearly divided into subtopics such as “Changing the Appearance of Your Site” and these are further broken down into specific lessons like “Using widgets”. And that’s exactly where I headed to! You can assess my new WordPress skills on my blog right here.

If you’re looking to gain some business skills; you want to pick up photography or if you’re looking for a tutor you can call on at 2am, then is where you should be.

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