By: Lungile Moyo

I have such a love hate relationship with Mr Price. I LOVE their stuff; in fact I literally cannot help myself when I pass a Mr Price store, I. MUST. GO. IN. But this is where the problem is, maybe it’s just me and my bad karma but there is always a very unbelievably long line to checkout. It’s like Mr Price is BP and suddenly there is a fuel shortage in the country and everyone is trying to get in on fuel. It’s insane. So these days when I go in there it is simply just to admire, and check out the ‘fuel crisis situation’, u never know, I could get lucky. But, there is good news; the, you-do-not-have-to-get-out-of-bed-to- buy-that-fabulous-top-you-were-eyeing-in-Mr-Price kind of good news, THERE IS AN APP for that!

I have only recently started using the Mr Price App, and I realize I am saying that like it is the new Twitter or something, but truth is, if this weekend was anything to go by, I could be on this thing all day. I downloaded the App say about 7:30PM Wednesday evening and practically made my way around the virtual store at about 3:45PM Sunday afternoon. I didn’t even get to the accessories you guys.

But I love this App, it makes searching for exactly what you looking for much easier. They have a “what’s hot” section that tells you… what’s hot. Right now the App is telling me, ladies and men’s jackets are what’s hot – so go get yours now! They also have a “hot stories” section that allows you to shop by theme, so if you are ever on the App and you click on that section and see “very berry” don’t think you are in line to order a smoothie. You are still on the Mr Price App. They also allow you to view their stuff in different ways, you can either scroll down or swipe right or swipe left – you know, like Tinder. I prefer to use it this way; you get to see what you are looking at much better. I will go as far as saying it can even make you want to buy something you had no intention of buying. So if you are a woman/man on a mission I recommend you stick to scrolling down because you WILL be side tracked. Another good thing about this App is that if you are sort of a half in half out person you can still browse the App without making any sort of commitments, you know, like signing up. If you don’t want to sign in you have the option of saying “No thanks Mr Price, just here to look around”. Sort of like what you tell those in store assistants who come to you and ask if you need any help. The thing is though, if you want to buy something you are going to have to sign in, but by then it won’t matter right? I’m going to sound like a broken record, or a kid in a candy store that keeps saying ooh look at that, but another great thing about the App is that you can create your own looks in the fashion wardrobe; yes they even have a wardrobe. You can take your own pics from clothes you already own, match it with something in the store and save it, share it or delete it, your choice. The one thing that I didn’t get to use is the barcode scanner, it’s apparently meant to help you find a size in another store if you can’t find your size in the store you are in. I’m sure it works.

Anyway, I personally spent most of my time in the winter section naturally; I mean does anyone feel that breeze out there. I need jerseys, jackets and coats and I need them STAT. So I filled my basket and went to checkout, this is where I was afraid though, I am not a pro-online shopper, but from what I know most of these places ask you to pay by credit card and credit card only (if this is not the case, please re-read where I said, I am not a pro-online shopper) or maybe these are my bad memories from Forever 21 talking, whatever the case is, I was pleasantly surprised there were many ways to pay. My favourite being EFT of course, but there was a pay in store option too which I am sure many would go for, but I personally just kept thinking of the long line I would have to wait in JUST to pay for things that by the way I do not even have on me – I might as well have just shopped in the store to begin with (unless there is a jumping the queue policy on these online orders that I do not know about, hmm Mr Price?) so if I had to say there was one thing that confused me about this App, it would have to be that. They should rather offer a cash on delivery service, I would definitely dig that.

In case you are wondering I never actually checked out, (mild case of forgotten passwords) but I should have when I had the chance, because I could have at least been excited about receiving a MRP package soon. But what I do know is that I will be checking out soon, so many times even. I am definitely going to use this App. But another thing that I might have to give it a minus on is it takes a little too long to load sometimes, (keyword: sometimes), maybe it’s just my phone, but I could just imagine my Instagram App acting this way and wanting to smash my phone against the wall. So maybe that is something they could fix. Otherwise 8/10.

The App is available in the iPhone App store and in the Android play world (I’m just assuming the Android part – but I’m sure it is, it’s 2014). Download it now.

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