By: Sandy Nene

#WritersBlock?  No longer …  if you’re hungry to write about food and wine, why not pair it with words at this year’s Good Food and Wine Show.  For the first time at the hugely popular Good Food & Wine Show, writers and bloggers will be able unleash their words on all things culinary in the new #WritersBlock section.  

So, anyone with an urge, a talent or a salaried need to write about food and wine can do so in their own designated space at the 2014 Good Food & Wine Show.  The ‘#WritersBlock’ area is being specially given over so that all and any writer – from bloggers and foodies to seasoned food and wine journalists – may express their enthusiasm for all things culinary or oenological while they’re at the show.

In a space where writers and the media can cook up some exciting copy, the ‘#WritersBlock also aims to inspire budding food writers and bloggers.  The Good Food & Wine Show will then showcase all copy on a special blog and writers are also free to post their copy elsewhere, of course.

Winning words

To provide further inspiration, Yuppie Chef is offering a voucher to the writer whose copy has been judged the best by the Good Food & Wine Show organisers.  To enter, writers have only to submit something they have written about the Show and of which they are particularly proud.

Grab this opportunity by getting your Early Bird ticket: With 70% of the Early Bird tickets sold already, don’t miss out on seeing the chef of your choice at the Good Food & Wine Show Cape Town (CTICC, 29 May – 01 June 2014).  If you buy admission tickets NOW, you can choose and get to see your favourite international or local South African Celebrity Chef for free

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