By: Ayanda Sikhosana

One thing that most youngsters fail to comprehend about business is that no idea is assured to succeed. Take it from an experienced entrepreneur like myself.

Business requires a chunk of everything: time, determination, heart and ambition but most of all it requires perseverance. The words “I quit” should never be uttered from your own mouth.

Another thought that lingers among young bright minds is that school will teach you everything you need to know about business and how to succeed. Well this isn’t entirely true. The lectures you attend can only give you knowledge that you can use as the foundation for your business.

One mistake that I realise from many students is that they always try to plan everything to perfection. This leads to a major loss in time that they could use to execute their ideas. All businesses require tweaks and modifications but the only way to find out what tweaks are needed is to step up and start moving forward.

And to be honest with everyone some ideas will fail. But remember that what counts isn’t how many times you get knocked down, but it is how many times you get up and keep moving.

In concluding, when starting a business from a very young age you have more than enough time to grow, fail and learn from your failures.

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