By: Sandy Nene

I am excited to introduce this new series here on WBFL. Where I will be featuring South African creatives who have collaborated with bloggers. I couldn’t think of anyone else to kick off this exciting new feature besides speaking to Tegan Smith, the official photographer of popular South African fashion blog, Baked The Blog by Aisha Baker. I met Tegan a few weeks ago at the #FordGoFurther and #MustangParty in Sandton. I have been following Tegan’s work for a while now and I must say, it’s inspiring seeing how passionate she is about what she does.

  • What inspired you to collaborate with Aisha Baker?

Aisha posted an advert in search of a photographer and I thought it would be nice to do something different other than commercial fashion shoots and events. We met up and did a test shoot and have been working together ever since! We are always pushing each other and inspiring each other to be the best we can be which is a great combination for a strong team and long-lasting friendship.

  • Why do you think it is important for bloggers to collaborate with other creatives?

I think it is very important for bloggers to collaborate – as much as it gives exposure to new followers and allows networking, it also gives bloggers the opportunity to learn from each other, whether it is learning how to write better, market better, style better or produce better photos – we all need to work together to provide top quality content as a whole in SA.

  • How long have you been working with Baked The Blog?

Just over two years.

  • Do you work with other bloggers besides Aisha?

YES! Many people think that I only shoot with Aisha. Although I am Baked The Blog’s official photographer, we both work with other bloggers and photographers, too.

To name a few:

  • Throughout your photography journey, which has been your most amazing shoot thus far?

Wow, that is very difficult as I have really enjoyed all shoots and I believe that you are only as good as your most recent shoot but the first one that comes to mind is: Word on the Street. Styled by Trevor Stuurman and Photographed by Me. We collaborated for fun and I decided to submit this to an online magazine to get us some extra exposure – I believe that all shoots MUST be worthwhile somehow- the magazine loved it and we were featured internationally. You can view all of my faves here.

  • So you travel to other big cities for shoots, too?

YES! I am always keen to travel. I have travelled to PE, JHB and Durban fairly often this year! I have a rule when it comes to travelling for shoots – if a client wants to shoot with me, all I need is 5 bookings from that city and I will be sure to visit and shoot!

  • Where are you traveling to next?

I will be visiting PE in October AND December and am planning a visit to Durban in September/October… JHB is in need of a visit too so JHB will see me in the new year.

  • How much do you charge bloggers for shoots?

My blogger rates are really reasonable as I have taken into consideration that most bloggers are regular girls who do not have huge commercial budgets. I have created a tierd pricelist for bloggers (1-5 outfits). I usually recommend that bloggers select 2 or more outfits as this works out more reasonable for them and more worthwhile for me:

1. look: R300
2. looks: R450
3. looks: R600
4. looks: R700
5. looks: R800

Most bloggers select 4/5 looks as it is a once off fee and they have all
their looks photographed for the month!

  • Where can people see more of your work?

Facebook: /TeganSmithPhotography
Blog: www.tegansmithphotography.wordpress.com
Instagram: tegansmithphotography
Website: www.tegansmithphotography.com

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