By: Yethu Mtshali

Apart from an appealing layout and great giveaways, your writing style influences the way your readers perceive your blog. Until recently, I was frustrated that I still struggled with the use of a comma. “I should have learned this back at school,” I remember complaining to a friend. If I could, I would rewind to the years when I first learned to write in the English language and I would pay more attention.


While we’re still working on developing time machines, I suggest that you check out The Guardian and Observer style guide. This is a set of standards for writing either for general use or publication. The use of a style guide keeps us all on the same page as it provides uniformity. There are various style guides for diverse disciplines such as journalism, business and medicine. “This is the guide to writing, editing and English usage followed by journalists at the Guardian, Observer and theguardian.com.”


With word usage, grammar and punctuation rules presented alphabetically; what you’re looking for should be easy to find. Give it a quick read and tell us what you’ve learned from The Guardian and Observer style guide.

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