By: Nokubonga Thusi

CD could say Christian Dior to you, but when it comes to this mascara, it says “Crazy Drama”! I do not think that I have had so much fun with a mascara as I have had with this one. Being adventurous and different with beauty is so essential and really allows you to know what works for you. This colour sparked feelings of excitment and hestitation, honestly who wears blue mascara on the daily? But I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The Packaging

The packaging stays true to the signature Dior Addict packaging with its elongated cube body and silver “CD”embossed lid. It is modern and easy to handle, since its cube tube stops it from rolling around your beauty stand. A quick “apply-and-drop” beauty treat.

The bristles of the brush are quite hard, which I found out when I tried to push the bristles into my lashes during application, as I have done with previous mascaras. Despite this sight hiccup, these hard bristles make it easy to achieve those “spidery” spaced-out lashes, which allows the colour to pop, clump free. For application, use light strokes aiming for your lashes with the tip of the brush to get the most product out.

The Formula

I was so happy to discover that the blue advertised with this mascara was indeed the blue that came onto my lashes. So often beauty products promise a bright bold colour or a neon and the end result is a diluted version of the truth. Dior was not kidding when naming this mascara… it is definately thee “IT blue”. A beautiful bright royal blue that blends into your lashes. With every flutter of the lashes, this gorgeous colour pop is displayed. The formula is thick but not clumpy if you don’t go overboard with coats.

The Retail

I personally do not think this is not a cheap mascara at R415.00 a pop but if you are looking for a fun investment for the summer then I highly recommend it. I have been wearing this shade alot in winter and its a fun way to brighten up your dull, monochromatic outfit. The Dior IT Lash is available in three other shades, IT- Pink, IT Purple and Vibrant Black. Give coloured mascara a try today and find your signature shade.

Which mascara shade would you try? Blue, Pink or Purple?

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