By: Elihle Gwala

Last week I found myself in Umhlanga again, this time I was at Harvey’s Restaurant for the Fry’s Gourmet Veggie Feast. When I got the invite to this event I was a bit sceptical about the whole thing considering it said “veggie feast” because as much as I’m not a major carnivore I do appreciate the presence of meat on my plate. To add to that my previous experience with vegetarian food has not been the most desirable one. 

Usually when I have to think of vegetarian meals I think of bland plates full of every vegetable the earth has to offer but to my surprise when I got to Harvey’s Restaurant I was greeted by delicious and succulent bite size foods. Soon as I sat down next to Tamlyn of Child Magazine  we were offered mini bunny chows which took me aback considering that I’m more accustomed to meaty bunny chows and this one was just as meaty and mildly spiced to keep that truly Durban taste. 

Wally who’s the founder of Fry’s Family started things off with a presentation of how his brand came to be what it is today. Funny enough he says he was a meat eater before launching his “no meat” food brand. Inspired by his wife who was a born vegetarian he tried out being vegetarian too but with the lack of proper tasty food options for vegetarians he chose to play around with what he had and come up with something different which will keep him a true vegetarian but still give him an appropriate amount of protein. 

The rest of the day was filled charming smells and laughter as the hilarious Chef Andrew of Harvey’s Restaurant did various demonstrations of cooking meat free food which still tastes just as good as the original thing. Between him and Chef Nizam (from Mauritius) we saw a number of meals come to life from “chicken” burgers to savoury cappuccinos.

Having to witness all this taught me that one doesn’t need to be vegetarian to eat meat free food, Fry’s Family products are as good as the actual meat products but they don’t cost the planet anything in the process. More than anything Fry’s Family provides dietary option to everyone who wants to be healthier by eliminating the animal fat from their diets.


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