By: Elihle Gwala

Sunday the 21st of September I found myself at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping for the International Bank Vaults (IBV) Supercar Charity Parade. When I received the invite to this spectacular event it was a no brainer whether to accept it or not. The event was an official attempt at breaking the record for the most money raised by a charity parade and what better way to break a world record than to invite the Guinness Book Of World Records, Mark McKinley a representative from The Guinness Book of World Records was in attendance to supervise everything in terms of keeping with the rules and standards of the book and also to make the big announcement of whether the charity parade had made a new record or not.

In keeping with the rules of The Guinness Book, the only money which was counted to make the record was the one which was raised before midday and that went all the way up to $55 000 (US Dollars) which meant the record had been made.

It was also announced that the IBV Supercar Club will be taking the charity parade to other cities including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Dubai meaning more children are going to benefit from this event more especially since it was formally announced that UNICEF is now an official partner of the IBV Supercar Charity Parade.

Amongst the guests there was First Lady Thobeka Zuma, eThekwini Speaker Mr. Logie Naidoo, The Sunflower Fund representative Alison Naidoo the 200 children coming from 14 different Durban Homes which will benefit from this charity parade.

More than just the money raised through the car parade, there was an auction which was held at Wavehouse after lunch which raised more than R100 000, with a collage of the late former South African President Mandela being one of the items sold at the highest amount of R50 000 bought by Leonard Balakisten who’s a client of IBV and also participated on the car parade by offering a ride to a child on his Lamboghini, Gallardo. The day ended with a well-deserved celebration party.

What made this event special was that it was a selfless initiative where the wealthy got to give back to the community and give hope to young children and of course the fact that a world record was made on the Durban helped boost one’s devotion to this city.

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