By: Amanda Mathe

People have different ideas of what makes up a craft or a skill. It can often take years before a person is able to fully understand what their craft is, and in other cases it takes a couple of months. Whatever the time, your craft still remains your token, your gift to society that needs to grow and shape with your ambitions and dreams.

The Cambridge dictionary suggests that a craft is a skill and experience, mostly relating to making something. It’s the part, “a skill and experience” that rings true to me when it comes to understanding my craft.

So how do I identify my craft you may ask? If you are fortunate enough you may have picked up what you are good at while still in School or realized it when you were in university. Others of us may discover it unexpectedly or through the wisdom of family and friends who have watched us in action. Here are things that I believe can help you can find and know your craft:

  • It’s when you do something with love, passion and pure determination.
  • When you spend time wanting to make it better.
  • A craft is something that you don’t mind spending money on to make it grow so that it fulfills you.
  • It’s when you try to explain it to people around you, and it makes complete sense to you.

A craft can be writing, cooking a certain kind of cuisine, creating homemade products, building websites, investigating some truth. It really depends on you and what makes you think intensely in those quite moments.

Now it is possible that there may be some who will disagree and suggest that it is learned or taught or that you may never really know it completely. Here’s my answer to that, “You can’t learn a craft, but you can educate and gather the knowledge you need to make it better. You don’t acquire a craft because it’s not a degree or certificate, but you can search the world for people, places and information to see how your craft impacts on them.

Your craft is who you are, so education is great, knowledge is powerful and experience trains the mind for a lifetime, that’s what understanding your craft is all about. It’s a skill and experience from which you find pleasure and growth as a person.

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