By: Michelle Lewis

Propel your blog traffic and market positioning with these insider PR tips and tricks

As much as PR agencies might irritate some of you with their constant calls, emails and press releases; I believe there is much to learn from their profession that will help propel your blog. They are, after all, the honeybees of the media world, buzzing between corporates with stories to tell and journalists like you. Some might argue you have much in common with PR agencies…but that debate is best left for another post.

In the meantime, we at Corner57 are going to lend some insight to the PR world for a moment, focusing on two particular areas: 1) press clipping agencies 2) press contact databases. Both are important to you, so listen up.

Most PR Company’s clients want to know the value of the press secured for them. Drum roll, the press clipping agencies. These guys are responsible for tracking client mentions, valuing the clip, and giving the agency the ammunition needed to demonstrate how impactful their campaign was (well at least that’s one way to demonstrate value). If your blog is not listed with these press clipping agencies, the corporate client and the agency, can’t value your contribution. Simple. “This is not relevant to me!” I hear you scream? Wait a minute, and hear my insight. The more often you appear in a PR report, as a valued contributor to a brand’s story, the more likely they are to consider working with you on future projects. So, I suggest you contact these press clipping agencies pronto – tell them your rate card and unique traffic figures. Start with these three: Newsclip (http://newsclip.co.za/), SA Press Clippings (http://sapressonline.com) , Meltwater (http://meltwater.com/).

Second up, press contact databases. Most PR agencies will subscribe to a press contact database, as this provides instant access to contact names, telephone numbers and details of forthcoming supplements. When PR agencies are preparing a target list for a campaign, this is one of the places they will reach to. You want to be on this list, and I’ll tell you why. If you’re still establishing your name, this will help position you with the big boys. And when a story is hot, and the press are talking about it, don’t you want to be in on the goss too? Google ranking anyone? Right, my advise therefore is to get yourself listed! Start with Media List (http://medialist.co.za/). Give them your contact details, your traffic figures and most importantly, tell them what genre your blog fits under, because the database is organised by category.

And that folks, is a wrap. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article and want to give us some feedback, drop us a line on Twitter: @Corner_57.

Michelle Lewis is the founder of Corner57; a PR, events and social media agency. Her PR life started in the United Kingdom where she helped launch and stablise Europe’s largest inner-city shopping centre, Westfield London. She later returned to South Africa to marry her Prince, reconnect with her home country, and to embark on her first entrepreneurial adventure.

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