By: Elihle Gwala

On a humid rainy day in Durban at Circus Circus in Gateway I got to hang out with the incredible actor, TV personality and entrepreneur Tumisho Masha, who also pointed out that he’s a bit surprised at the weather as he is accustomed to an awesome warmer Durban. The interview was made possible by the guys at Gateway Theatre of Shopping since Tumisho Masha had been participating in the cooking competition Celebrity Chef Showdown a cooking competition which had a number of South African celebrities competing against each other in a series of cooking challenges which saw Tumisho Masha being one of the finalists but during our High-Tea hang out he mentioned that he was rather taken aback by losing to Chef Deena Naidoo (who happens to be a professional chef) which speaks volumes on the man’s confidence when it comes to the kitchen.

The former Top Billing presenter had also brought his wife to the interview who wasn’t shy at all to spill all the beans when Tumisho seemed to hesitate in responding to any of the questions posed by anyone of the three media people who were in attendance as this was a rather intimate and exclusive set up on a corner table specially reserved for us. When speaking about one of his latest and biggest projects Mandela’s Gun (a film about the late former South African President Nelson Mandela in which he’ll be the very first ever South African to play the character of Mandela) he revealed to us that he actually got the role without auditioning for it “I had an interview with the director and producer twice and then they went to watch other films that I had done and they were like that’s it you’re doing the movie” Tumisho said, and in further elucidating on the film he told us that the film will be very stylized, short in black and white which will create a sense of heightened authenticity as some of the scenes which are on the film will be highly similar to old footage from the past and he reckons viewers will be quite stunned to see that so much that they might find themselves battling with accepting the idea that it’s only a movie and not reality. Mandela’s Gun which is currently being shot will have some scenes in KZN, Pinetown which have already been shot.

When asked what are the similarities between him and Gibson (his character on Saints & Sinners) he jokingly said he didn’t play Gibson he just went on set and became himself further explaining that he always tries to put himself on the shoes of the character without judgment and then allow that character lead him. So as anyone would wonder ‘where does an A-lister like Mr. Masha go for vacation’ without giving a straight out response on which location is his favorite he did mention that he likes the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and he believes that Cape Town is much better than Rio.

As the evening came to a close, one could only wish for more hours in a day so we could get more time sitting with this wonderful creative who’s so warm and remarkably down to earth. So before we were to leave the restaurant I asked him if are there any projects in the pipeline coming after he’s done with Saint & Sinners he said he’s not currently planning anything for television he’s mostly focusing on film. So for now we can only anxiously wait for the film Mandela’s Gun from this inspirational powerhouse.

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