By: Silindile Mbali Ndlovu

“Some of them wanna break you down, steal your crown use and abuse you. Some of them smile in your face cos they heard it some place, you got more than they used too” Lyrics from I keep by Jill Scott. I love the lyrics of this song so much because she speaks about when all is said and done keep going. You will scare people with your existence. You will intimidate those that have walked the road because they see themselves in you and see the calibre of what will succeed them in the near future. Just keep going.

I tweeted; “Those you intimidate will try run you down so you don’t rise to fix yourself but instead you stay down.” I spent a few days alone in between the familiar walls of my flat. I had plenty to ponder on as I realised that the year was soon drawing to a close. I have been busy for a very long time and quiet frankly my body is caving in. I realised that in the past two particular bosses of mine had dragged me down and due to the fact that I knew little about myself at the time the commentary made me believe them even more.

The words thrown at our egos, good or bad, are always the gospel to us at the time. It resounds like a gong in the very dark corners of our hearts. Some words are so sharp they slice past even the toughest of facades. Like a wilting plant you begin to see what they said as true and begin to eat the poison daily.

After looking at their current lives and what was going on in their lives career wise, I noticed that the same energy they exuded whilst belittling me, had returned the favour. The bad energy that was propelled my way was now their daily bread. I needed to realise that at this new phase of my life and reaching a turn in my life I need to pick a path and never look back.

These lessons are valuable to know since we all go through growing pains. We all need to understand that there will be people who will feel intimidated by our existence and try kill the gift. The reality to that is nothing can kill your gift, it’s your birth right and your destiny. It can’t be faked and it can’t be stolen.

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I am a Durban based God fearing woman who is passionate about motivating our South African youth. Find me as @Miss_Mbali on Twitter. 


  1. Hi Mbali
    I love this blog of yours. I do agree with all that you have said. I am also a blogger and our words have the power to make a huge impact in people’s lives. Well done and be blessed as you continue blogging so beautifully. Kind regards and blessings Laura

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    • honest and knowledgeable. thank you Mbali

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