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Last Thursday I got wind of a very exciting event that was to take place in Braamfontein, purely by word of mouth. By word of mouth I obviously mean the digital stratosphere that is Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (it is 2014 after all – who actually speaks to each other?) This wasn’t an official WBFL assignment, but I knew it would be worth getting home and writing about… plus I just got a Canon 700D DLSR camera and wanted to put it to the test.

Grant’s Whisky in collaboration with the creative photography trio from Soweto, I See A Different You, hosted an exhibition of their work at The Bullion on 17 Wolmarans Street (a growingly popular spot for the coolest events).


The exhibition was the product of a nationwide journey the trio, Vuyo Mpanthsa, Innocent Mukheli and his twin brother Justice, went on to capture the remarkable essence of everyday young South Africans who in one way or another have achieved success through collaborating and sharing in their creativity.

The display was truly exceptional. The photos (hung from an industrial style piped ceiling) were in simple white frames and truly showed off the artwork and the vision of both the photographers and their subjects through the camera lens.


The evening featured great music which sneaked in a head bop and foot tap while checking out the photographs. Grant’s didn’t disappoint as the event hosts and had an open bar with a variety of whisky-centric (obviously) drinks and cocktails for the always stylish downtown crowd. ISADY is known for their meticulous and edgy fashion, so the guests made sure to match that and I made sure to catch them on camera.


As a treat; here are my fave fashion stylistas I snapped that night (P.S. Spots are totally in!):








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