By: Sandy Nene

Last year I gave you a list of 5 South African bloggers you should watch in 2014, this year I decided to look at some bloggers that I think are going to make me proud this year. Going through my Twitter feed, looking how fast their numbers are growing and the interaction they receive from their readers and looking at the quality of their work – I am pretty certain these South African bloggers are going to be reaching greater heights this year.

In no particular order, here’s my list:

  • Faeema Sader: https://thesparklinglabyrinth.wordpress.com

  • Irina Doman: http://www.illtakeitall.co.za

  • Lauren Wallet: http://lovelaurenblog.com

  • Yethu Mtshali: https://quarterlifedilemma.wordpress.com

  • Katchie Nzama: http://www.travelmzantsi.com

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