By: Nokubonga Thusi


With the hot days that we have been experiencing lately, it almost feels like summer pressed the fast forward button on life!  “The aim is not to sweat”…sounds
alittle cliche but ensuring that your make up is sweat, water and “melt” proof in the summer is essential.  I can be very lazy when it comes re-applying or checking my eye make up.  I love my eyeshadow to go from day to night if need be with ease.  In the past, my eyeshadow would look faded and creased at the end of a long day.  I am so glad I have discovered a beauty product that takes care of this for me in a snap.


Packaging and Formula

The packaging is simple and I love the small, cylindrical bottle that makes it an easy, handbag resident.  The formula is waxy and creamy that applies on white but with the warmth of your finger, melts into a powdery layer that blends into the eyelid.


Applying this product is super easy and is a quick “one-two”.

1. Rub your finger tip in the eyeshadow base , transferring alittle product onto the tip

2. Apply the product to each eyelid and blend it out, starting from the lash line and moving to the crease of the eye. The product on your fingertip will be enough for both eyelids.

3. Sweep over your eyeshadow of choice.

What’s not to love?

This product is a solid pro.  It allows my eyeshadow to stay put all day and enhances the eyeshadow pigment as it has a solid base to stick to. You do not need alot of product for it to be effective so it will last for a long time.  I cannot apply my eyeshadow without it and I can go all my days without foundation, lipstick or mascara, but never without this ‘lil buddy.  I was shattered to hear that this product had since been discontinued but i had to mention how it has completely changed my make up routine.  Fear not! I have found a great altenative that is compact, affordable and in store right now!

Kangol Prime Concealer Trio – R59.00

What is your make up essential right now?

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