By: Elihle Gwala

One of the aspects of fashion which makes dressing up so much fun and amazing is getting to experiment with your style and dressing up for either varied occasions, work or a new era in your personal life.

In the past four years or so I have seen my personal style evolve with each year and the amazing part is not having to plan for it to happen but to see the evolution take place naturally. One may wonder how can I say I let my style evolve ‘naturally’ yet so much planning usually goes into every outfit. Basically the point I’m making is that, once you’re comfortable with yourself in fashion and have an understanding of what you like you start finding it easy to either experiment or just take wild risks at times after all that how fashion icons are born. Also understand that some style experiments might not be so successful but that’s how one grows in fashion (except for Katy Perry).

With the year already in full swing challenge yourself in fashion in the work place, basic grey suits and ties for the office  are boring and so overrated. For once just lose that work blazer and pair your everyday pencil skirt and blouse with a quirky bomber jacket. Sport luxe is still a major thing so for those semi-casual office days just throw on your running shoes instead of your pumps.

If sporty isn’t really your cup of tea take a page off You magazine’s fashion director Chu’s life and play around with bold prints. From hounds tooth to African prints the options are endless. The one thing you always need to watch out for when wearing print on print is that the prints don’t end up over-powering you and you’re find yourself lost in your outfit and tip number one to ensure that such a tragedy doesn’t occur is DIMENSION! Wearing prints of different dimensions brings interest in your outfit and can also work in your favour as they can make you look much smaller than you are when executed properly.

In this age and time I believe one doesn’t need to be so intent on following trends just work with what works for you as long as it looks chic and current once put together.

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