By: Katchie Nzama

This is a book of a Welsh young man who accidentally killed his father and his loving mother never held it against him. His life working in foreign countries and his wanderlust that I don’t think he ever got to cherish.

Andy Lang travelled all over the world working as a contractor for various companies in the oil industry. When I read about his adventure in south Africa, I was proud of the reception he received but I admired him for not judging people based on their skin colour. This was pre1994 when apartheid. Andy went on to get married a few times, got into some toxic relationships and somehow it never worked out.

I read Against all odds last year before my travels and I didn’t want to write a review on it as I wanted to re-read the book. I thought perhaps I wouldn’t get angry over his poor decisions if I read the book again. I read the book for the 2nd time while I was on Likoma Island, Malawi – and I got even more mad at Andy for exposing himself to Voodoo and for never having a backbone. I would read parts and I thought if I put the book down and walked to the toilet the part will have passed, then I realized this is a book and not a movie… I will only continue where I left off.

The book is very well written, truly a riveting read. Took me 2days to read it and when I finished reading it I wanted to read more of hat happened to Andy and I still want to know where he is today and how work is going. I highly recommend the book and I hope Andy is writing again so that we know what has become of him today and how he feels looking back at some poor choices he made.

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