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Stocking up on the ultimate cosmetics/make-up collection can be quite a daunting task…especially if you are fascinated by instagrams of bloggers with their perfect make-up organisers.  How do they have every single product under the sun? How do they create such amazing looks every day without breaking a sweat?  Granted you don’t need a museum’s worth of product but you do need products that are easy to use, effective and can give you “quick ’n easy” daily looks.

I love looking good and natural at the same time.  The greatest compliment one can give me is “Wow your skin looks amazing” or “Are you wearing make-up?” (chances are I am….or not).  I have learnt to focus on key core products when it comes to make-up that work and are essential for that every day natural look.

Skin Essential: Foundation and Blush

Having a power-house of a foundation is half the job done.  I adore this powder foundation from L’Oreal as it is so light and the coverage is seamless.  It is highly pigmented which allows blemishes to be covered up effectively and the texture gives the face a matte look. I usually like to apply this on weekends when my day can go from chilled to glam affair and you need your face to be flawless at all times.  Having flushed cheeks brings a lot of life to your face, even when you’re not feeling your brightest.  With just these two products, you create perfect, naturally flushed everyday skin.

Tip: Wash the powder foundation over the lids when you have no time for eyeshadow to lift your eyes.

  • Infaliable 24H Powder Foundation in Nutmeg
  • YSL Blush Volupte

Eyes Essential: Eyebrow pencil, shadow stick and mascara

The eyes speak volumes when trying to determine how tired you feel or awake you are.  Having a bold brow immediately brings focus to your eyes and makes the face an attraction.

I use this superliner eyebrow pencil as it is an all-in-one; with a colour pencil end, brow wax end and a brow brush on the lid. It is a quick application and gives me fuller, filled-in brows that I otherwise lack.

MAC Prep and Prime has really changed the way my mascara looks. This product gives my mascara a solid base and helps to extend the lashes for a more voluminous feel.

A shadow stick is ideal for those 5 minute mornings and when you need high impact right now.  This stick from Rimmel has a great colour payoff and lasts the entire day.  No need for an eye primer with this one, which is one extra step to kick to the curb.

Tip: Always apply double coats of mascara when you feel like skipping the eyeshadow to make your eyes appear brighter.

  • MAC Prep and Prime Lash
  • MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in “Bad Girl Bronze”

Lip Essential: Tinted lip balm and nude lipstick

Tinted lip balm or a nude lipstick is a great essential for moisturised lips that still grab some attention.  Some days, it’s not enough to leave your house with only Vaseline on your pouters. Using a tinted lip balm or nude lipstick to enhance your lips, preventing that “washed-out” incomplete look and since you don’t need to concentrate on the edges, it’s an application breeze.  My favourites are this lip conditioner from Sleek and this MAC matte lipstick in “Glamour Era”.

  • Sleek Pout Polish Lip Conditioner in “Electro Peach”
  • MAC Lipstick in “Glamour Era”

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