By: Matthew Robertson

As the Cape Town summer crawls to a halt, we begin to see the reluctant shuffle from some of the most beautiful locations in the world, to those dark and hidden away places. In our desperate search for warmth, location often loses its grip on the hierarchy of influential factors. Shimmy Beach Club has waged war on the relentless seasonal change and, in the last two weeks, hosted two incredible parties.

The club is situated in the V&A Waterfront. Protruding from the noise and bustle of the Mother City, Shimmy Beach Club transports party animals to a world of designer cocktails, beautiful décor and a view like none other.

Had you arrived, at the exclusive nightspot, on Saturday the 4th of April, you’d have been met with not only VIP service but a buffet of Playboy delicacies. Pointy ears, fluffy tails (and many stray glances) spent the night bouncing from guest, to bunny, to guest. Cool as it was outside, the high-waisted bunny costumes and flailing ears kept everyone inside VERY warm. This was my first introduction to Shimmy – I knew I was hooked.

The very next weekend I was lucky enough to attend a party whose invitation looked too good to be true. Dean Fuel, Pascal & Pearce, Jak Skandi and Sam World! This was an evening I wasn’t going to miss! Showtek took some serious control of Shimmy that night, and man did they leave us all gagging for more.  They introduced Cape Town to the “dance music revolution,” with a cosmic energy.

I’ve always had my doubts about the more “exclusive” and “signature” venues in this city, but what I can tell you is that Shimmy does a damn good job of not only upholding their own reputation, but setting the bar pretty darn high.

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