By: Sandy Nene

What inspired the name of your blog?

It reflects what we love doing – getting Out and About and exploring the Wild Places of Africa & Beyond.

How long have you been blogging for?

Since 2012 – 3 years

What difficulties did you come across when you first started blogging?

In the beginning the following were challenging :

  1. Getting to understand SEO
  2. Categorising the site correctly for easy navigation
  3. Building an audience

What do you think new bloggers need to know about blogging that most people don’t?

Write about what you love – it will shine through and make great content worth reading.

What would you say has been a highlight of your blogging career thus far?

Doing something that brings positivity into the some peoples lives. By sharing our story, some people have been inspired to follow their passion. it has also encouraged me to push further with our love for nature, wildlife and the preservation of Wild Places – knowing that we can make a difference in our small way…

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Scott Ramsey – Year in the Wild has been a positive influence

Which is the most read blog post on your blog and why do you think people like it?

This is the most read post : http://out-and-about.co.za/wilderness-presentaion/. I think people like it because it is an epic adventure that reflects the incredible diversity of the country and it also shows that one can still explore and be adventurous with kids.

What else do you do besides blogging?

Loving Husband, father of 4 beautiful kids ,Explore the Wild, homeschool our kids, photography & film, surf, sup, kayak, hike, constantly learning about life.

Where do you see your blog in the next two years?

Making a real difference in conservation and education.

Do you look at your blog as a business, hobby or as a portfolio?

Ultimately all 3

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